Everything You Need to Know About Lehenga Skirt

Lehenga Skirt – Various Lehenga Skirt Styles – A Comprehensive Guide Lehenga Skirt - Everything You Need to Know!

It is an issue that is so misunderstood that the majority of us do not even know which Lehenga skirt to choose. In light of this, we have decided to provide you with a new kind of article entitled "Lehenga Skirt" that is not intended just for the bride, but rather for any girl or woman attending an Indian wedding with the exception of the bride.
We have compiled a guide to the many varieties of lehenga you may wear to a celebration or wedding. 

1. Multi Layered Lehenga Skirt

Multi Layered Lehenga Skirt
These lehenga skirts feature a distinctive cut. They are stacked in many horizontal layers of varying heights. These layers have irregular hems, and the arrangement and texture of their embellishments also vary, producing an unconventional appearance. 

2. Benarasi Lehenga Skirt

Benarasi Lehenga Skirt
Lehenga skirts come in a variety of forms. They are often flared or A-line. They have a pleated appearance, but the rich silk Benarasi brocade fabric is the focal point! They feature a wide gold lower border and lack any further ornamentation.. Benarasi Lehenga Skirt Explore other Benarasi lehengas.

3. Printed Lehenga Skirt

Printed Lehenga Skirt
These lehenga skirts include printed floral or textured patterns and lack elaborate embellishments. They are available in muted hues and are quite lightweight. Invest in one of them if you are attending an Indian beach wedding as a guest. Pair with crop shirts without sleeves. Printed Lehenga Skirt

4. Sharara cut lehenga design

Sharara cut lehenga design
You must be aware that shararas are most popular among Muslims, but if you want to wear something unconventional while retaining your traditional appearance, then you may pick this style. They do not entirely belong to the lehenga brigade since they are sewn from the centre of the hem, like a trouser or palazzo, but because of their excessive flair, they might be considered lehengas. It is often worn with long kurtas, while shorter kurtas (but not too short) are also acceptable. These are suitable for practically all body shapes with the exception of small ladies or those with skinny legs. Custom Indian Clothing

5. Paneled or kalidar lehenga style

Paneled or kalidar lehenga style
As its name implies, this lehenga design has horizontal panels embroidered along the flare of the lehenga, similar to how petals, or kalis, are arranged on a flower. Due to the excessive number of panels in the lehenga, the volume of the lehenga's flair rises dramatically, enhancing its overall beauty. This kind of lehenga flatters hourglass, pear, and petite body types, but not apple, straight (or rectangular), or slender ones.

6.Half Saree lehenga fashion

Half Saree lehenga fashion
Inspired by the South Indian technique of wrapping a dupatta over the shoulder and around the waist, also known as pavadai, langa davani, or langa voni. This type of semi saree and semi lehenga, also known as half saree, is gaining immense popularity during fashion weeks and is both beautiful and modern. It is comparable to wearing a saree and a lehenga in one ensemble. This lehenga is ideal for hourglass, pear, apple, and tall body types, but not tiny, as its broader silhouette will make the wearer look even smaller. It may also be regarded as an A-line lehenga with a modest flair. This new design may also be seen worn by the mother of the bride or by aunts attending weddings. The greatest thing is that if you don't want to purchase one, you can transform your regular lehenga into a saree by just draping the dupatta like a saree and voilà! You are prepared to rock the outfit. Half Saree in lehenga fashion You may also wear a traditional saree with your lehenga to get the same royal appearance as above.

7. Lehenga worn with a jacket

Lehenga worn with a jacket
This fresh, airy, and casual easy-to-carry style is gaining popularity as it requires no effort to carry or pin up a dupatta. It neither seems clunky nor excessive. Instead, seems more alluring and, when handled and worn correctly, may bring out the best in you. The lehengas are embellished with zardozi embroidered jackets or intricate velvet weaving. In addition, as just the hem of the lehenga is visible through the jacket, they are often adorned with wide laces or intricate embroidery. Depending on the sort of jacket you choose, you may get a range of appearances, from rich and exquisite to understated and respectable. This is the ideal choice for a reception. It does not work for women with pear or petite body shapes, but it is a terrific choice for hourglass, apple, inverted triangle, and tall body types.

8. Modified A-line Lehenga Skirt

Modified A-line Lehenga Skirt
While the A-line lehenga skirt flatters various body types, the modified A-line skirt is designed for people with an hourglass form. This is because this sort of lehenga skirt is waist-cincher and hip-hugging. Beginning below the hips, the skirt flares outward. Choose this design if you have a tiny waist and toned hips. This kind of skirt may also be worn with a lehenga suit! Modified A-line Lehenga Skirt

9. Trumpet Skirt

Trumpet Skirt
The trumpet silhouette is now popular in both tops and fusion ethnic wear for women. These lehenga skirts resemble mermaid-style skirts. They are tailored to the thighs, after which they stretch out in vertical pleats. This sort of lehenga skirt is classified as a genuine fusion trend, therefore think sangeet or bachelorette looks while styling. Add crop tops to the ensemble to make it even more fashionable.

10. The Skirt with Umbrella

The Skirt with Umbrella
It is also known as the fit-and-flare style. These lehenga skirts are fitted at the waist, flare out from the thighs like an umbrella, and have a pleated circular appearance at the bottom. 

11. The overskirt

The overskirt
The overskirt is an Indo-Western dress that was inspired by western overskirt gowns. It comprises a long strip of cloth sewn halfway around a straight lehenga skirt, often at the back. Consider engagements, friend's weddings, and bridesmaid dresses while purchasing this lehenga skirt. It pairs well with a peplum shirt.

12. Lehenga Skirt, Brief or Cropped

The Overskirt Lehenga Skirt, Brief or Cropped
These skirts are ankle-length or stop just above the ankle, as opposed to the conventional lehenga skirts which are long and flowy. Typically, these skirts are panelled and pleated. These are not traditional wedding attire, but if you are attending an Indian wedding as a guest, you may wear this outfit to a morning ceremony. 

13. A-line lehenga skirt

 A-line lehenga skirt

Again, if you are an Indian or have an Indian friend, you have undoubtedly heard the term A-line. The A-line silhouette was quite popular during our moms' era, the 1970s and 1980s, but it is now back in trend since it can be both classic and contemporary, depending on the fabric and cut. This style of Lehenga. lehenga is ideal for pear-shaped, hourglass, and tall, structured bodies due to the A-line hemline, which cinches at the waist and extends outwards. However, if you have an apple or rectangular (i.e., straight) form, it is not at all healthy.

ruffled lehenga (aka lehenga skirt with a lot of gher or ghera)
Classical and ancient, but the most amazing of all. If you like volume and pleats, this design is for you: a skirt with a circle at the hemline and a wide, flared silhouette. Since the lehenga skirt creates a full circle and twirls nicely, flowing materials are often used. It is ideal for small intimate events such as engagement, mehndi, sangeet, and even haldi, as well as any other comparable event. This lehenga design is not ideal for those with smaller waists, but rather those with apple, pear, hourglass, or rectangle-shaped bodies. You can always pair a choli with heavy embellishment with a lighter skirt, or vice versa. Large boundaries near the hem clarify the fluid-structure somewhat.

15. Mermaid, fishtail, or trumpet-shaped lehenga

Mermaid, fishtail, or trumpet-shaped lehenga
Mermaid or fishtail type lehengas provide a modern appearance and feel to classic lehengas. They flare from below the knees and grip your waist and buttocks so closely that a bodysuit is required. Furthermore, since it will highlight your curves more, you should go for it if you want to seem more current and stylish. Tip: This style is best suited for hourglass and rectangle body shapes, as well as athletic body shapes (more like rectangular but with well-defined shoulders, tight calves, well-built and toned arms and shoulders), but not for other body types, as your butts will become the focal point, which is not what you want.

16. Straight Cut Lehenga Style

Straight Cut Lehenga Style
As the name suggests, this lehenga design is ideal for individuals who dislike ghera, or fluff and pleats, in their lehengas. The skirt has a straight silhouette that drapes down the contours and flatters almost all body shapes. It is ideal for hourglass, apple, and rectangle body types, but not pear or body types that are excessively thin.

17. Circular Lehenga

Circular Lehenga
Skirt Circular skirts are among the most flared, with the hemline creating a perfect circle. The descent mirrors that of former ball dresses. If you are tall, consider this outfit for your wedding reception.

18. Lehenga with a long heavy jacket

Lehenga with a long heavy jacket
Lehenga combined with a long jacket is stylish. If the lehenga is simple, the long jacket should be lavishly embroidered, but vice versa (heavy lehenga and plain long jacket) would not work. Long jackets should be the same length as lehengas. Lehenga with a long thick coat

19. Ruffle or tiered lehenga skirt

Ruffle or tiered lehenga skirt
Now, some of you may be thinking that it's simply a style and not a specific lehenga type, but trust us, in recent years it has also become a style statement and is a form of lehenga with ruffles or layers all over the skirt. Not only does it seem and feel modern, but it is also fairly flared and lightweight if the frills lack excessive stitching or ornamentation. The tiers may be the same colour as the main skirt, or they may contrast. This design of lehenga is ideal for inverted triangular and rectangular-shaped bodies because it offers volume from the waistline to the hemline.

20. Wide and Flared Skirt

Wide and Flared Skirt
This is the standard lehenga skirt in the form of a western gown, which is now quite fashionable. The skirt features an exceptionally voluminous and flared silhouette. These are often comprised of fluffy textiles that increase the volume. Choose neutral, off-white, or light pastel hues for these lehenga skirts. The fullness of the skirt is complemented with a little sequin choli. Extensive and Flared Skirt

21. Net or mesh lehenga

Net or mesh lehenga
As with the layered lehenga, mesh lehenga skirts are gaining popularity since they are lightweight, seem luxurious, and go well with any design or pattern. Whether it be embroidered, floral, or simple print patterns. Avoid wearing mesh if you have a larger frame, since it will make you seem puffier and less attractive than if you have a slimmer frame or a smaller waist. 

Tips for selecting a lehenga skirt

The following are some considerations to bear in mind while selecting your lehenga:
1. Be certain about whether you want a pre-stitched or stitched lehenga, since this will let you focus on designs and materials.
2. Choose a lehenga or have one sewn that flatters your body shape, since not all styles will complement your physique. Everyone has a unique physique, thus to highlight yours, you should choose the greatest suiting style.
3. Choose cloth according to the occasion's season. Additionally, the hue and weight of the lehenga. Make sure your accessories and cosmetics complement your lehenga.
4. Do not use thick makeup if you are wearing a heavy outfit, since it will make you seem even larger. Keep it delicate and dewy. However, if the lehenga is on the lighter side, heavy makeup would be an excellent choice.
if you are not an Indian but have attended an Indian wedding, you must be aware of the fact that Indian weddings are about putting your traditional side on display. Even if it implies the dish is authentically traditional or fusion. In addition to the rituals or traditions that are observed during an Indian wedding, the dress is also considered traditional. Yes! Lehengas and sarees are the most popular garments for women, or ladies, as we must state. In this article, we will share with you all the many varieties of lehenga skirts from which you may pick according to your body shape, style, and personal choice. Instead of motifs, decorations, or even stitching, these modern but classic lehenga designs are based on materials and cuts. You may experiment with different combinations of Lehenga skirt, blouse, and dupatta to get a new appearance each time.

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