Bridal Lehenga: 17 Tips before Shopping for your Wedding Lehenga!

Bridal Lehenga For Woman - Kanchan Fashion

Shopping for a lehenga is a monumental task. This is the moment you have been awaiting since you first laid eyes on an actual bride. Every woman wants her wedding lehenga to reflect her individuality and be unique. This goal finally results in a massive expense that may trouble anyone. Well, acquiring the ideal lehenga for a wedding does not always have to be a costly endeavour. When shopping for a wedding, bridal lehenga is one of the most essential items to consider. This attire will help you appear your absolute best on your wedding day, so make it a priority. Therefore, it must be flawless from every viewpoint. It complements your personality, skin tone, body shape, etc. to boost your entire wedding look. Typically, we choose a lehenga the instant we like it, without doing any study. Eventually, it becomes problematic at the last minute.

Birdal Lehnga For Women
This should not hold true. Before going shopping for your wedding lehenga, you should evaluate various aspects and check for them in the attire. So, if your wedding is approaching and you want to get a lehenga, here are some considerations to keep in mind when purchasing.
So, here are some tips and recommendations for purchasing the ideal lehenga for a wedding.

1. Make your blouse the major focus of your look.

Elegant Bridal Lehenga For Women - Kanchan Fashion

The cost of the wedding lehenga is related to the amount of effort put into it.  Modern brides have been experimenting with their bridal lehenga by pairing it with a thick embroidered top and accessorising it with beautiful jewellery. When we look at a bride on her wedding day, the face and neck receive the most attention.

2. Choose a light skirt and a blouse with rich embroidery.

Pastel Bridal Lehenga Choli - Kanchan Fashion
The major expense of the bridal lehenga is directly proportional to the quantity of embroidery. Choose instead self-fabric and Indian handlooms such as bandhej, brocade, plush velvets, and silks. These textiles have their own unique charm and won't break the bank. By investing in such materials, you will be able to get an attractive, heavy lehenga.

3. Experiment With Colors

Multicolor Bridal Lehenga
For a lovely lehenga, experiment with different hues. Some hues, such as blue, emerald green, crimson, burgundy, lime green, and fuchsia pink, have a very majestic appearance. These hues look exquisite on materials such as raw silk and net. Even with little embroidery, this mix of hues and textures is wedding-ready
#Tip: Don't be afraid to abandon classic red in favour of uncommon hues such as green and blue.

4. Prevent Ignoring The Dupatta

Pastel Bridal Lehenga Dupatta
You may consider the dupatta to be merely an accessory that has to be as hefty as your wedding lehenga. Contrary to popular belief, a dupatta need not be so hefty. You may wear a light or minimally embroidered dupatta with a substantial lehenga choli. To maintain a reasonable budget if you choose a dupatta with embroidery, you may pick with buttis or sequins. In addition, a basic dupatta will reduce the price of your wedding lehenga and complement your top and skirt.
#Tip: A dupatta with no embroidery may significantly cut the price of the bridal lehenga.

5. Borders Are Important In A Wedding Lehenga

Bridal Lehenga Borders
There are several forms and types of borders. They may cost less than a bar of chocolate or more than your diamond ring. The borders of a bridal lehenga are vital, but have a look at these lehengas that lack borders. Do they not seem beautiful? Try removing the border from your bridal lehenga, or if you must have one, go for a thin one.
#Tip: Choose a minimum border for your wedding lehenga, since it will be less expensive due to less stitching and effort.

6. Avoid Layering

Cream Bridal Lehenga For Women
Any layering raises the expense of the garment. Whether opting for a double dupatta style or adding many can-can and bukram layers, everything will increase the price of the bridal lehenga. If you want the price of your lehenga to remain affordable, you must remove layers

7. Rent Your Wedding Lehenga

Cream Wedding Lehenga For Women
If you don't want to spend a fortune on a lehenga for your wedding, you may rent one. It will be quite reasonable and won't empty your wallet. 

Here are some more tips before selecting a wedding lehenga:

1. Conduct internet research on the lehenga, focusing on the most contemporary fashions and styles. Peruse a number of wedding lehenga shops to have a general understanding of the attire.
Ethnic Wear For Women - Kanchan Fashion
2. After doing research, establish a budget. The price of a bridal lehenga may range from Rs 15,000 to Rs 4 lakh. Therefore, determine your budget before coming to the market for purchasing.
Bridal Lehenga For Women
3. Regardless of how much you like the lehenga, you must try it. Now is the moment to choose which option best suits you.
17 Tips before Choosing your Bridal Lehenga!
4. Attempt to locate a lehenga that matches your body type well. And to do so, you must first determine your body type in order to choose an outfit that complements it.
17 Tips before Choosing your Bridal Lehenga!
5. Lehengas have a variety of embroidery and embellishments, including Chikankari, gotta patti, sequin, zari, dabka, and thread work, among others. So, before choosing the costume, examine its construction. And choose which one suits you best.
17 Tips before Choosing your Bridal Lehenga!
6. Do not neglect the blouse fits. It should fit well enough and make you feel more at ease.
17 Tips before Choosing your Bridal Lehenga!
7. Never finalise your lehenga before examining its dupatta, since it plays a crucial function in enhancing your wedding photographs.
17 Tips before Choosing your Bridal Lehenga!
8. When purchasing the bridal attire, it is crucial to consider the weather circumstances on the day of your wedding. If you are planning a winter wedding, it is OK to choose a dress with thick fabric and accessories. For a summer wedding, however, you should use light fabrics with bright colours and patterns.
17 Tips before Choosing your Bridal Lehenga!
9. If you have already purchased your wedding jewellery prior to purchasing your lehenga, then you may purchase the lehenga to compliment your wedding jewellery.
17 Must Know Tips before Choosing your Bridal Lehenga!
10-Ensure that your wedding lehenga has been examined for adjustments, if necessary. Last-minute alterations are not recommended.

17 Tips before Choosing your Bridal Lehenga!

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