Anarkali suits or Anarkali Dress - Best Ethnic Wear Guide

Anarkali suits or Anarkali Dress - Best Ethnic Wear Guide

11 Types of Anarkali Suits and Anarkali Dresses 

The statement Indian ethnic couture popularized ever since the screening of Madhubala in her iconic Anarkali suit dancing elegantly to the “Jab Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya?” in Mughal-E-Azam followed by Rekha and many others. The versatile garment that secured a safe spot in every woman’s wardrobe is the glorious Anarkali suit with layers of immaculate detailing and exquisite artwork is back in vogue and how! Bollywood celebrities adorning the stunning Anarkali suit both on and off-screen is giving us major goals to embrace the retro fashion in style. If you’re planning to get a trendy anarkali suit tailored for the upcoming wedding season or festivities, look no further than our list specifying types of anarkali suits.

1. Cape Anarkali Suit 

Latest Anarkali suits for women - Kanchan Fashion

 The ever-stylish and uber-fashionable trend on our radar is the contemporary cape-style anarkali suit. Long and sleek cape attached with the anarkali suit comes in a myriad of designs, sheer, embroidered, laced with thread work, handwoven and printed, these capes just add a feather of magic to your ensemble while giving a modish structure to your outlook and voila, you are all set to shine brighter like a sun in the midst of moon and stars. 

2. Jacket Anarkali Suit

Cape Anarkali Suit for women

Another style trending in the glamorous world of  B-Town  is the sassy Anarkali suit with layered jackets, and we're totally into this gorgeous trend. An anarkali Suit with stunning details on this modern jacket are priceless. Effortlessly chic and ultra-fashionable, this ensemble works like a surefire fire for the modern woman who loves experimenting with outfits and bringing a fresh perspective to  classic pieces. Beautifully transform the Anarkali  suit with highly detailed layers to add dimension and structure to your regal and glorious self. Ditch the signature lehenga choli and embrace the heavy, luxurious look of the layered Anarkali suit. Inspired by Deepika Padukone, from her iconic Mohe Land dance scene at Bajirao Mastani. See the beauty of If and of that doesn't get your heart pumping, we don't know what will. 

3. Assymetrical Anarkali Suit 

Asymmetrical Anarkali Suits for Women

 Thank you contemporary couturiers for reviving this spectacular trend of asymmetric cuts and flared suits. We love how the seamless drape and wrinkle-free edges create the interesting illusion of a fully structured hem. Show off your contemporary style at festivals, family gatherings, and special occasions as Jacqueline smashes the event with her Anarkali asymmetric suit in sun yellow. Have it custom made or purchase an exquisite Anarkali design from Pure Elegance. 

4.Floor Length Anarkali Suit 

Floor Length Anarakli Suits

 The timeless classic choice for every Bollywood lady is this signature floor length Anarkali suit. When in doubt, convince them  with your vibrant display of style  and let them be in awe of your grace and poise, effortlessly reflected in this elegant ensemble.Silk, georgette, cotton, mesh, You can invest in floor-length Anarkali suits that are embroidered, handwoven, threaded, laced or embellished in a variety of  fabrics such as chiffon. Suitable for all  events and occasions, you can't go wrong with a classic Anarkali floor length suit. Up your game with this gorgeous ensemble and add some jazzy accessories to  rock the Indian look even more.

5.Pakistani Anarkali Suit  

Pakistani Anarkali Suit for Women

 beauty is vibrant and awe-inspiring Anarkali, like this suit, comes in all shapes and sizes. One of the most interesting trends in Anarkali suits is a modern twist on Pakistani style that has taken fashionistas by storm and made our hearts drool. The heavily embroidered and embellished Pakistani Anarkali suit has an overlay of jacket that further emphasises the wearer's royalty. You can choose to style your outfit with a dupatta or drop it however you like, keeping your style sensitivity at a high level. 

6.Bollywood Inspired Anarkali Suits 

Bollywood Inspired Anarkali Suit for women

 Pretty and enveloping Bollywood celebrities have dazzled us with their exotic ensembles and dazzled us  with their gorgeous Anarkali trends. From floor-length beauties to anarkali dresses to designer her anarkali suits, we draw inspiration from major B-Town divas to emulate the glamorous and extravagant gala soiree trend. Create an atmosphere of elegance and poise, take  notes on the girls and spice up the wedding season with our super engaging game. 

7.Designer Anarkali Suit 

Designer Anarkali Suit Karishma Kapoor

 Designer Anarkali Suit that exudes luxury and elegance. Elevate your  style at the start of the wedding season with silhouettes in pastels and soft his tones with  understated charm. From Swarovski-embellished Anarkali dresses to intricately woven handcrafted Chikankali and Pashmina Anarkali suits, the possibilities and endless possibilities are as great as the options. Accessorise the surreal beauty of designer anarkali suits and layer them with decorative dupattas to boost your style quotient. 

8.Contemporary Anarkali Suit 

Contemporary Anarkali Suit

 Go beyond the traditional cliché Anarkali suit and  embrace bohemian and contemporary trends, with side slits, cropped anarkali, color blocking the themes and more. With sophistication and grace, no one wears contemporary Anarkali dress like fashion sensation Sonam Kapoor. With just a myriad of contemporary cuts and flares followed by an explosion of color with gleaming armor, Sonam's sartorial sensibility complements his tailored and non-conforming fashion sense. 

9.Anarkali Gown 

Anarkali Gowns

 Have you heard about this whimsical style that has taken the world of glamor by storm lately? Our other Anarkali dresses are becoming 'it' for cocktail soirées and receptions as  hot haute couture ahead of this wedding season. 

10.Cotton Anarkali Dress

Cotton Anarkali Suit

Hand woven in cotton silhouettes, handcrafted and embellished with exquisite and delicate hand embroidery to exude a sophisticated and soft look. Silver tone oxidized his jumka paired with a beautiful necklace.

11.Silk Anarkali Suit 

Silk Anarkali Suits

The  surreal silk silhouette adds an instant royal touch to your look. With timeless elegance and poise, the silk Anarkali suit is her one of the most desired garments for Indian women and her one of her versatile garments. Suitable for weddings, festivals, family gatherings and special occasions, silk is considered an auspicious and culturally rich heritage of India. Our minds are biassed towards the stunning range of Anarkali dresses that are the outfit of every Bollywood celebrity and a hallmark of fashionable women. It has earned its place in women's hearts.

Which Colour Anarkali is best?

10 Best Anarkali And Dupatta Color Combinations

Traditional clothing has the power to make everyone beautiful. A six-meter staggering drape achieves a style mark, and a simple anarkali or salwar suit doesn't just make a girl look glamorous either.Everyone is back to the monochromatic look these days. Break it up by adding contrasting dupatta to your look. Here are some anarkali and dupatta combinations that work well and add interest to your appeal. 

Best Anarkalis and Dupatta Combos

  1. Gold Red Combination

  2. Gold and Red ethnic wear 

 One of the most striking and stunning color combinations that instantly gives you a true diva look. Combine golden anarkali with red dupatta. 

  1. Pink and Yellow 

Pink Yellow Combination Anarkali Suits

 Pink is her one of the most popular colors for girls. Perfect for anyone. Add some yellow dupatta to lift the look up a bit. This combination will definitely take you into a world of admiration. 

  1. Brown and Red 

Brown Red Combination Ethnic wear

 Want to stand out in a stylish outfit? Then pick a brown anarkali and marry it with a red dupatta and see how gorgeous you look. This combination gives an elegant and fresh look at the same time. 


  1. Mustard Yellow and Blue 

Mustard Yellow Suit

 Mustard The yellow and blue color combination is sure to have a special place among your friends. Opt for mustard yellow anarkali and pair it with a blue chiffon dupatta for stylish heels. 

  1. Bottle Green and Red 

Green and Red Combo Suit

 This is another super cool combination to try. It will make you stand out from the crowd and give you an elegant look in an instant. Wear it gracefully and let everyone blend in with your style. 


  1. Black and Yellow 

Black Yellow Anarkali Suits

 Black is a color that looks good on everyone. So don't hesitate to opt for black salwar kameez but add some yellow dupatta to break the monotony. Different shades of yellow dupatta are perfect for black salwar suits. 

  1. Blue and Pink 

Blue Pink Ethnic Wear

 These two shades of him give a fresh and classy look and go well with any skin tone. Both bright colors are mixed together to make it look like a cute doll. 

  1. Yellow and Maroon 

Yellow and Maroon Indian Wear

 Want to stand out from the crowd? Next, pick a yellow anarkali, marry it with a maroon dupatta, and you're ready to party. 


  1. Mint Green and Peach 

Mint Green Suits

 Want to spread love with your look? Then choose this Mint Green Anarkali and Peach Dupatta color combo. 


  1. Dark Blue and Pink 

Dark Blue indian wear

 Dark blue and pink make you look bright and colorful. Choose dark blue anarkali and pair it with pink dupatta.

Common Questions

Are Anarkali Suits in Fashion?

Today, Anarkali dresses dominate the fashion world, a perfect balance between tradition and modernity. It will brighten you up with its elegant glow. Anarkali clothing styles include sequins, lace loadings, and ornaments.

Is Anarkali a Dress?

Anarkali salwar suit is a form of women's clothing that originated in the Indian subcontinent. The Anarkali suit consists of a long frock style top and slim fit bottom. Varies in length and has embroidery such as floor-length cuts

Where is the best place to buy Anarkali suits online?

Kanchan Fashion is the best place to buy anarkali suits online. You can choose from almost any fabric, from chiffon, silk, cotton, velvet to georgette. You can get different types of kurtis and salwar suits whether you are casual or casual. You can get lehengas, unstitched suits, semi stitched suits, anarkalis, indo western suits, bridal wear, shararas, palazzo sets, drape sarees and many more.

Which fabric is best for Anarkali?


Anarkali suits became popular in  the 1960s, when Madhubala wore  Anarkali  in the iconic Bollywood movie "Mughal-e-Azam". Since then, Anarkali  and Kurtis suits have become a stylish choice, and you can find this beautiful ethnic Indian  dress in most Indian women's wardrobes. Moreover, due to constant contact and countless styles,  Anarkali suits will never go out of style. 

Elegant Anarkali designer suits come in various fabrics such as mesh, chiffon, silk, georgette, viscose, crepe, jacquard, brocade and cotton. 

 Know the five best fabrics for Anarkali suits you must have: 

1. Cotton Anarkali suits:

Printed Cotton Anarkali suits

Let the summer breeze gently kiss you  as you step out in a beautiful cotton Anarkali suit for there is no better fabric  than cotton to beat the scorching heat of summer. For your chic summer  fashion statement, choose Anarkali  and Anarkali Kurtis suits in organic cotton embellished with yarn, lace, or delicate floral and block prints. 

2. Silk Anarkali Suits

Silk Anarakli Suits

Ladies, make room for  rich and regal looks with designer Silk Anarkali  and Kurtis suits. With a multitude of dresses of eternal grace and poise, the Anarkali silk suit is one of the versatile pieces of clothing for every Indian woman. 

3. Georgette Anarkali Suits:

Georgette Anarkali Suits

Georgette Anarkali suits will add  grace and  class when you step out. It is a lightweight fabric that is comfortable to wear. Designer Georgette Anarkali  suits are perfect for weddings, festivals, family reunions and special occasions. 

4. Chiffon Anarkali Suits:

 Chiffon Anarkali Suits

Breathable chiffon, super soft to the touch and feels regal. It is an ideal fabric for summer. Anarkali Kurtis chiffon with lace, thread, hand-woven or printed prints is the right choice for you to be comfortable and fashionable at the same time. 

5. Crepe Anarkali Suits:

Crepe Anarkali Suits

Crepe fabric gives you a slim look and has a very graceful drape, making it the ideal fabric for formal and special occasions. If you're looking for a chic and ultra-modern fabric, pick up designer suits by Crepe Anarkali.

How can I look slimmer in Anarkali?

Everyone loves to wear traditional clothes, especially anarkali. Anarkali is one of the most liked ethnic wear for women because it makes one look beautiful However, you need to choose the right anarkali  to look attractive and slim. If you are unsure about tips  to look slim while wearing anarkali,  we are here to help. Follow these tips and all  eyes will be on you. 

1.Wearing high heels 

Indian Wear With Heels

 Let's start with the most obvious way to look slim in any outfit. Heels not only make you look taller, but also create the illusion of slimmer. Heels are certainly not the most comfortable shoes, but they are certainly the most elegant and glamorous. 

There are many types of high heels available in the market and not all of them will help you get the look you want. Pencil heels or slim heels will make you look skinny, while block heels won't. 

2. Dark color 

Black Anarkali Suits

 It is a fact that dark colours help you to hide excess fat and make you look slim. The same is  true for anarkali. Do you know the reason behind this? Well, the dark color absorbs light and hides the bulge. Also, dark color means no impression or contrast. Go for simple dark  anarkali. 

3. Small Motifs

Anarkali Suits

 When choosing anarkali, avoid large prints or embroidery as it won't make you look slim. We're not saying you should choose lightweight anarkalis, but rather thick embroideries with small patterns. Large embroidery tends to look heavier  while small embroidery gives you a slimming effect. 

4. Go Long 

Long indian wear

 You should choose long anarkalis, but that doesn't mean  you should choose floor-length anarkalis. Indeed, floor-length anarkalis will make you look shorter, thus making you look fuller. On the other hand, short hair will not make you look slim. Therefore, you should choose anarkalis chairs that are below the knee and a few inches above the ankle. It's the perfect length if you want to look slim. 

5. Right Fabric 

Silk Georgette Fabric

 Whatever the trend, choose fabrics that work for you. Don't follow trends to look good because what suits the other person may not suit you. Cotton, tulle, or other fabrics create a bouncy effect, opt for pure crepe,  georgette or chiffon instead. These fabrics will help you achieve the look  you want. There's no point in wearing this anarkali as it won't flatter your body. Instead of making you beautiful, it immediately makes you attractive.  An ill-fitting anarkali may make you look bulky, but a well-fitting anarkali will make you look slim and sleek. Too close to the body or too loose,  these are two not bad ideas.


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