16 Types of Indian Ethnic Wear for Women

16 Types of Indian Ethnic wear for Women: Traditional and Contemporary Styles

Different kinds of ethnic wear for women - Kanchan Fashion

Now let's explore different types of Indian clothing or ethnic wear for women and their traditional and modern versions!

Different Types of Indian Ethnic Wear for Women are listed below

For every pretty woman, Indian clothing adds a bonus to your beauty. They divinely contour your body and give you a flawless look. There are many different types of Indian clothing, not just suits and sarees, but much more. We will discuss 16 amazing Indian ethnic wear for women with traditional and modern styles. Read on and choose what kind of Indian clothing suits you best.

1. Sarees for Women

Sarees for Women - Kanchan Fashion

A sari is a traditional Indian wrap and round costume that originated in the Indus civilization. This is one of the most famous styles of Indian clothing. Not just this one style of classic curtain saree, but there are 80 variations across the subcontinent. Wrinkle-free Bengal, Odi style, Kodagu style, Malayali style, etc.

The saree consists of a blouse and a petticoat that can be draped according to your preference. Traditionally, the saree was a draped garment. But now there are alternatives to sewn and sewn sarees that can be worn like a dress and require no drape effort. The new version incorporates many western inspirations such as one-shoulder, off-shoulder, feathers, ruffles and capes. However, the concept of the saree remains the same and is found everywhere from the luxurious to the affordable at major fashion shows and Indian fashion collections.

Types of Indian Sarees – Traditional and Contemporary Dressed by Deepika Padukone, she has an essence of originality in her look and is one of the best examples of left traditional saree style. On the right is Shilpa Shetty in a frilly, stitched and belted saree, an example of saree modernity.

A traditional silk saree can never go wrong. Silk Saree looks stunning in most occasions and family activities. Remember to wear high heels for a slimmer figure. A matching pair of earrings and bracelets is essential to go with it. Saree is an important addition to the ethnic wear wardrobe.

2. Gagra Choli for Women

Ghagra Choli for Women - Kanchan Fashion
Also known as Lehenga Choli, this ensemble consists of a long pleated skirt and choli (usually trimmed) and a shawl or dupatta. Dating back to the Mughal era, it is still one of the most popular clothes favoured by women today. This is one of the most common Indian garments apart from the saree which can be worn on formal occasions such as weddings. The lehenga choli remains a choli with a long skirt and dupatta. However, in recent years the styles, silhouettes and facings of choli, dupatta and skirts have changed.

Today, the caped lehenga, an alternative to the dupatta, is one of the most beautiful ethnic wear for women. Modern choli designs have evolved in terms of length, with both short bralette styles and long versions remaining in vogue, as well as combinations such as lehenga with skirts and buttoned shirts and cropped tops. 

On the left side you can see the traditional style of Gagra Choli/Lehenga consisting of Choli, Gagra and Dupatta . On the right we see a modern stepped lehenga with uneven frills and a strappy choli with a bow at the shoulder, but without the dupatta that marks the development of the Gagra choli.

Lehenga choli is undeniably the favorite national dress of almost all  women. Unlike before,  lehenga choli is offered in lightweight fabric with new and interesting designs. Lehenga with long kurta is made in a variety of fabrics and styles today to offer a wide range of choices to those who want to feel comfortable and confident in what they wear. If you're looking for a lehenga choli that doesn't make you look overdone, just wear a simple white chicken lehenga or  lehenga choli with Gota-Patti's work. 

3. Lancha Lehenga Choli for Women

Lancha Lehenga Choli for Women - Kanchan Fashion
Lancha is another form of lehenga choli. The difference is in the choli style and the skirt. The choli is usually longer than the waist length and above the waist of the lehenga. The lancha is a more conservative outfit, as this ensemble does not expose the waist.

Lancha types of traditional and modern forms of Indian dress. The image on the left shows the traditional example of a lancha, wearing a long kurti over a flared skirt with a dupatta. The one on the right is a perfect example of the modernized Lancia style, with a peplum jacket style bodice and flared skirt, without the Dupatta.

4. Dhoti Kurta for Women

Dhoti Kurti for Women - Kanchan Fashion
Dhoti is the traditional attire for men in the Indian subcontinent. This is a rectangular piece of cotton or muslin that wraps around the waist and partially covers the legs. It is wrapped around the waist and legs and should be tied primarily at the front.Traditionally a garment intended to be worn by men in India, it is now given a modern twist to become a women's garment.

Dhoti has evolved from a drape to a more wearable sewn style, favoured by many Indian men for daily wear and nightwear. In recent years, the dhoti has also become an important part of Indian women's clothing and is still active on the catwalks. Women today wear pre-sewn silk or satin dhotis, paired with long or medium-length kurtas or belted draped bodices. Many modern variations of these can be found in new collections. 

On the right side, you can see the original drape form of the dhoti with a short kurti. The photo to the right shows a pre-sewn dhoti form with a pre-draped, belted sari-style bodice.

5. Salwar Suit for Women

Salwar Suit for Women - Kanchan Fashion
Salwar Kameez is the most comfortable attire among all other types of Indian attire. It is a combination of salwar, kameez and dupatta. A loose, pleated pajama-like salwar is fitted tightly at the waist and tapers to the ankles.The kameez is the top part of the dress and is worn over the salwar, but more recently the knee length or longer. Trends evolve as Curtis and Dupatta's styles change, but the essence remains the same. In recent years, we have seen both very short Kurtis and ankle-length kurtas paired with different styles of salwars.


6. Long skirt For Women

Buy Long Skirts for women Online

Ethnic long skirt is a must-have in every woman's wardrobe. There are different types of dresses available in the market and online. The skirt with wide Zari border is quite fashionable and eye-catching. Other types of long skirts that are very popular are Jaipuri prints and Leheriya prints. The latter is made of cotton fabric that can give you a spectacular look. You can pair it with a modern crop top or a short Kurti  with a designer steal to complete the look. 


7. Dhoti Pants For Women

Buy Dhoti Pants for Women Online

 One of the best recent innovations is the Dhoti Pants. Women seem to be amazed with it and are buying a lot of different colors and identical prints. It is a fun outfit that is very practical to wear. It can be worn with a medium length kurti and if you can outfit it with a heavy beaded necklace, there's nothing like it! Wear traditional juttis with a dhoti  to make you look like a stunner. 


8. Anarkali Suit For Women

Buy Anarkali Suits for Women - Kanchan Fashion

A beautiful and pretty Anarkali suit can be found in most women's wardrobes. While some like it  heavy and colorful, some prefer to buy the lighter version of the Anarkali suit. Anarkali can make you look slimmer, as long as the suit fits. It can make you look gorgeous in front of everyone around. So the flattering Anarkali suit is a  fashion staple. 

A long flared frock coat style kurta and fitted churidar pants form an anarkali combination. Anarkali dresses fit just above the waist and extend to the knees. Anarkali is one of his Indian clothing styles that has been revived decades later. The modern design touches the floor or looks like a dress. It usually looks regal and very classy and comfortable. Modern styles of anarkali suits include jacket styles, cape styles, tiered, floor length and dress styles.


9. Ethnic Shrug For Women

Buy Ethnic wear for Women Online - Kanchan Fashion

 How could the list not include an ethnic wear that has the power to revolutionize  your casual look? A ruffled suit can be waist-length or knee-length, depending on what's under it. Long and short buns give  new meaning and new look to your ethnic wear. The ruffled suit can be worn with kurti and leggings, short sleeve tops and medium  kurti, long skirts and crop tops,  and more. A long kurti with palazzo pants always adds an ethnic effect  to the outfit. Just slip on your loose-fitting but loose-fitting palazzo pants to rediscover yourself. 


10. Designer Dupatta For Women

Buy Designer Dupatta For Women Online

A cultural and ethnic look cannot be complete without Dupatta. A few heavyweight designer coats will find a place in your wardrobe. Various varieties of Dupatta including Banarsi Dupatta, Gujrati sheesha work Dupatta, leheriya Dupatta, phulkari Dupatta, silk Dupatta and many more. You can wear these coats with a regular  salwar suit. Some pairs like gujrati and leheriya also go well with  long dresses, you just need to wear them with a scarf or cape style. 


11. Plazzo Suit For Women

Plazzo Suits For Women - Kanchan Fashion

Highly fashionable and in high demand, next on our list is the strong Palazzo suit. A long kurti with palazzo pants always adds an ethnic effect to the dress. Dress up for your meetup in our loose-fitting palazzo pants.  


12.  Kurtas and Churidars for Women

Buy Kurta Churidar For Women - Kanchan Fashion

churidar can be combined with frock style curtiss and other curtiss such as A-line, front cut, short and long curtiss. The churidar pants are longer than the leg length and the extra length is folded at the ankles to look like bangles (churi), hence the name churidar.This is another ensemble dating back to the Mughal period. It was worn by many Punjabi women in Pakistan before the split.It is now worn throughout India and Pakistan. 


13. Ladies Sherwani for Women

Sherwani For Women - Kanchan Fashion

Sherwani originated as men's clothing worn by kings and nobles during the Mughal Empire. But in recent years, Sherwani has also evolved into women's fashion.Sherwani suits are available in silk, cotton, cotton floss, chandelier, mesh, chiffon, georgette, tussah, velvet and many other fabrics.Suits If you're in the mood to wear something unique, such as a sari or a sari, this outfit is a must-have. This is one of the newer styles of Indian dress and is still not very common. Unlike the kurta, which is worn over the head, the Sherwani usually features a front he closure and a stand-up collar. Sherwanis are usually embroidered all over and are perfect for weddings, festivals and graduations. Here you can see the modern and traditional style of Sherwani. 

14. Indo-Western Suits For Women

Buy Indo Western Suits for Women - Kanchan Fashion

Today we see different styles of Indian attire such as palazzos and pants his suits. It is a mix of Indian and Western attire and is very trendy. The Palazzo suit is Curtis paired with his pleated loose pants called Palazzo. The new Curtis style comes in many variations including A-line, long, short and off-shoulder. Pantsuit refers to fitted pants or trousers combined with various styles of curtiss. Apart from these, we also see cropped pants, boot cuts and cigarette pants.

15. Indian Suit For Women

Buy Women Suits Online - Kanchan Fashion

Another western-inspired ensemble, the Indian dress is usually accompanied by a dupatta and decorated with Indian facings. increase. Today you can find dresses in many different styles and over the past decade dresses have become one of the most popular Indian garments. For example, off-shoulder, one-shoulder, bell sleeves, saree dresses, etc. It also adds novelty to the dress concept, paired with shrugs, capes, and jackets.In recent years, western embellishments such as feathers, ribbons, and fringes have been seen on the runways. 

16. Sharara and Garara Suits for Women

Buy Sharara for Women Online - Kanchan Fashion

An ensemble that looks very similar. Both are from the Mughal period. They traditionally came from Lucknow and were mainly worn by Muslim women.Pakistani brides traditionally wear these costumes as their wedding attire. Garara and Sharara suits are long, medium or short kurti combined with galala or shalala and flared pants called dupatta. Galala are well structured pleated pants. They fit close to the body up to the knees and flare out at or just above the knees. The seams are often decorated with piping or gold zari lace. 

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