Wedding Love: Stunning Reception Looks for Brides

The Perfect Reception Find a Bridal Lehenga at Weddings is a time of joy and excitement, but it can also be a stressful time for brides as they try to find the perfect outfit for each wedding event. 

Lehenga Love: Stunning Reception Looks for Brides


The reception is a special moment in the life of a bride, because she is often introduced to her husband's friends and family for the first time. It's also a time when the couple can let loose and dance the night away. That's why it's important for the bride to choose an elegant and flattering outfit that suits her body type. In this article, we discuss how to find the perfect reception for a lehenga bride. 

 What is Lehenga? 

Wedding reception lehenga

Lehenga is a traditional Indian garment usually worn by women. It is a long skirt combined with a blouse and a scarf or scarf. Lehengas are available in various styles and designs from simple and elegant to elaborate and embellished. They can be made of different materials such as silk, chiffon and cotton. 

Choosing the right lehenga for your body type 

When choosing a lehenga for a reception, it is important to consider your body type. A lehenga that flatters your body makes you look good but confident and comfortable. 

Hourglass Body Type 

 If you have an hourglass body type, you have a balanced body with a defined waist and equal proportions above and below. An A-line lehenga with a fitted blouse is perfect for this body type. A cinched waist lehenga accentuates your figure and creates an hourglass silhouette. 

Pear body type 

If you have a pear body type, you have a smaller upper body and a wider lower body. A lehenga with a flared skirt and a heavily embellished or draped blouse will help balance your figure. Choose a lehenga that hangs from the waist to create the illusion of a smaller waist and a fuller top. 

Apple Body Type 

If you have an apple body type, you have a larger upper body and a smaller lower body. A lehenga with a fitted skirt and a loose blouse helps create the illusion of a smaller upper body. Choose a lehenga with a high waist and a longer skirt to elongate your legs and create a balanced figure. 

Rectangular body type 

If you have a rectangular body type, the top and bottom are in the same proportion and the waist is slightly defined. With a cinched waist and flared skirt, the lehenga creates the illusion of a tight waist and balanced body. A lehenga with a fitted blouse and flared skirt from the hips is also perfect for this body type. 

Colors and decorations 

Apart from a lehenga that suits your body type, it is also important to consider the color and decorations of your outfit. Bright colours like red, pink and orange are traditional and popular choices for Indian brides. But you can also choose a neutral color like gold or silver to create a softer look. 

Embellishments like intricate pearls, embroidery and sequins can add glamour to your lehenga. Consider the style and theme of your reception when choosing decorations. An elaborate lehenga may not be suitable for a more casual occasion, while a simpler lehenga may not be big enough for a more formal occasion. 

Consider your skin tone when it comes to colors. 

Warm skin tones look good in bold, warm tones (like reds), while cooler skin tones look best in cool tones (like blues and greens). If you have neutral skin, you can wear almost any color. It is important to choose a color in which you feel confident and comfortable, which is reflected in your behavior and body language. 

Another factor to consider is the time of your appointment. Pastel colors and lighter shades are perfect for daytime, while deeper, richer colors are perfect for evening events. If you are having a destination wedding, keep in mind the color scheme of your venue and choose a lehenga that complements it. 

Lehenga Accessories 

Lehenga Accessories enhance your look and add personality. Jewelry like necklaces, earrings, and bracelets can help accent your outfit. Choose comfortable, stylish sandals or pumps for shoes. a clutch or small handbag is also a good idea to keep essentials like your phone, lipstick and tissues nearby. Hair and makeup are also important aspects of your reception. Choose a hairstyle that matches your outfit and face shape. Choose natural, light makeup that focuses on your eyes and lips. 

Best Bridal Party Wear Ideas 

  1. Ivory and Gold Embroidered Lehenga

    Ivory and Gold Embroidered Lehenga

Ivory and Gold Lehenga should be at the top of your list. Made of raw silk and tissue paper, the enchanting lehenga features gotapatti embroidery. This bright and voluminous lehenga is a keeper! 

  1. Gold Hand Embroidered Saree Set

Gold Hand Embroidered Saree Set


If crepe and silk are your saree material, this cream saree with gold hand embroidery is perfect. The minimal elegance of this seamless nine-yard embroidery is perfect for an intimate reception ceremony. Plus, you'll look stylish from every angle! 

  1. Pink Embroidered Anarkali Set 

  2. Pink Embroidered Anarkali Set

If comfort and style are on your mind, pink Anarkali with cotton silk bottom should be on your list as part of your wedding party attire. Embellished with blue and peach Resham embroidery and lace detailing at the edges. It looks stunning paired with matching trousers and an organza dupatta. 

4. Blush pink saree 

Blush pink saree

This blush pink saree with crepe bottom is an effortless outfit perfect for a reception. Comes with a net scarf and satin organza embroidered blouse. The winning element? It has wide, long, draped sleeves covered in sequins and is the perfect wedding dress. 

  1. Navy Blue Layered Lehenga 

Navy Blue Layered Lehenga

Nothing beats the authenticity of a gorgeous navy blue lehenga. Perfect for  evening parties, this double-layer lehenga with velvet bottom features rose gold hand embroidery,  a matching minimalist blouse and copper fabric dupatta to contrast the entire outfit. 

  1. Red Pink Chiffon Wool Saree 

Red Pink Chiffon Wool Saree

Should your bridal party dress be simple yet fun? Well, a  baby pink saree with a ruffle goes a mile. Made of chiffon, this saree has top to bottom ruffles and scoops. This saree looks best with a sequin neck blouse and amazing goth steak detailing on the hem. 

  1. Midnight Blue Hand Embroidered Lehenga 

Midnight Blue Hand Embroidered Lehenga

This midnight blue velvet embroidered lehenga with rose gold hand embroidery and polka dot sequins is a dream to look at (and hopefully wear!). Paired with a lightweight mesh dupatta, this ensemble will make you slay! 

  1. Gray organza dress with subtle drapes 

    Gray organza dress with subtle drapes

Who doesn't love an OTT dress? The fern gray organza dress is layered with a delicate bodice and intricate drape on the shoulders. The pleated fabric gives it an elegant feel and is embellished with hand-embroidered geometric patterns 

  1. Red and Purple Raw Silk Embroidered Lehenga 

    Red and Purple Raw Silk Embroidered Lehenga

 This raw silk lehenga is full of intricate embroidery. The winning point of this two-tone lehenga is not only the embroidery, but also the gorgeous neckline and  organza dupatta. 

  1. Mint Printed and Embroidered Lehenga Mint Printed and Embroidered Lehenga

Crafted from kasab satin in a whimsical shade of mint green, this lehenga features lace and diamond embroidery along with a leaf blouse and tulle cape. 

  1. Navy Embroidered Cape Set 

    Navy Embroidered Cape Set

Take a break from your usual outfits with this Not So Serious set. Comes with a navy blue tulle coat decorated with gold petals, appliqué, metallic thread and sequins.

  1. Emerald Green Herringbone Dress 

Emerald Green Herringbone Dress

Jackets are always a great choice for any bride. This emerald green herringbone dress features a net base with sequin embroidery and a whimsical 3D curve bodice that flatters all looks. 

  1. Prussian Blue Embellished Reception Dress 

Prussian Blue Embellished Reception Dress

Speaking of dresses, let's talk about this A-line Prussian Blue Organza Dress. The winning feature of this dress is the off-the-shoulder detail, which contrasts clearly with the heavily embroidered bodice. 

 14. Gray Embroidered Jacket With Striped Saree 

Gray Embroidered Jacket With Striped Saree

This gray saree has a gray organza jacket with appliqué and striped sleeves and is further embellished with stripes on the hem. This wedding party dress is all round elegant and classy. 

  1. Navy Tulle and Crepe Dress 

Navy Tulle and Crepe Dress

A navy dress that effortlessly covers the body  and has a stunning center slit is a great steal. Created on a crepe base with pearls and feathers, the dress has a small back print made  of fake feathers and looks stunning. 

  1. Wine Satin Pleated Saree 

Wine Satin Pleated Saree

Japanese satin pleated sarees are so trendy these days because of their effortless sophistication. You can pair them with a matching blouse and throw on a bunch of OTT afghan jewelry and you're good to go to the reception! 

  1. Black and Nude Tulle Dress 

Black and Nude Tulle Dress

Black and Nude Tulle Dress is the perfect pair for any bride. Made of black and nude tulle, crepe and net, the dress has a fully designed flared hem and slit.

  1. Peach Sequins Embroidered Saree 

Peach Sequins Embroidered Saree

If you are a new bride, you must have your own set of ready-made Indian clothes, whether you wear them whenever you need them. Sarees are one of the best pants because they can be worn multiple times. This peach net and tulle saree  with sequins and beads is definitely a set to wear and is definitely a perfect bridal party dress. 

  1. Rosalind Red Satin indian Dress 

Rosalind Red Satin Corset Dress

Say yes to the dress! Stunning and luxurious red dress in rich satin fabric. This figure-hugging dress features an impeccably tailored corset, bodice and  mesh-lined cuts designed to follow your curves. The body-hugging mermaid hem along with the front slit gives the wearer an alluring look that is hard to ignore! 

  1. Black Hand Embroidered Chanderi Lehenga 

    Black Hand Embroidered Chanderi Lehenga

What is more stunning than a wide bottom black lehenga? This black chanderi silk lehenga is embellished with Dori, Resham, sequins and pearl embroidery. The embroidery is on the edge of the skirt and lehenga of the blouse which gives it a gorgeous overall look. 

  1. Dark Red Abstract Print Lehenga 

    Dark Red Abstract Print Lehenga


Yes, we love a comfortable abstract lehenga with a voluminous skirt. Crafted in organza, shanton, crepe satin and net bottom with abstract gold prints and embroidery, this red lehenga is a beholder's dream. 

  1. Black Raw Silk Embroidered Lehenga 

    Black Raw Silk Embroidered Lehenga

You know what they say, a good lehenga  always shines when its blouse is perfectly designed. This black raw silk lehenga with floral embroidery is positively radiant. Moreover, the embroidered blouse neckline is just enchanting for your wedding party dress! 

  1. Bronze Embroidered Dress 

Bronze Embroidered Dress

 Looking for an elegant bridal party dress? This luxurious dress is made of  bronze mesh and satin, and comes with  voluminous flare and peplum, sequins and artistic drapes. 

 24. Jodhpur Tales Midnight Blue Anarkali 

Jodhpur Tales Midnight Blue Anarkali

One such is the midnight blue Anarkali from their Jodhpur Tales collection. This Anarkali has a scoop neck and is embellished with multicolored Resham embroidery. Made of high-quality georgette, the kurta has mirrors and tassels that give it great charm. 

  1. Blue Embroidered Jacket And Pants 

    Blue Embroidered Jacket And Pants

Make a stunning impression with this bespoke jacket.  The whole ensemble looks exquisite and the heaviness of the embroidery is perfect for the reception. Pair it with stud earrings and you're good to go. 

  1. The acceptance features of Sky Blue Leilani Lehenga 

    Sky Blue Leilani Lehenga

You can also let pastel dominate the event. A good example is this sky blue silk lehenga floral print neck blouse ,

  1. Flamingo Pink Sharara 

    Flamingo Pink Noor Sharara

This tonal short sharara set is embellished with dense delicate goth motifs on cotton silk with zardosi and goth work accentuating the neckline. Comes with a beautiful net dupatta, it oozes luxury and quality from top to bottom. 

  1. Sweet Pea Anarkali In Ivory 

    Sweet Pea Anarkali In Ivory

Anarkalis are gorgeous. This ivory kalidar Anarkali with embellishments and sequins on the edges  is a product of the genius design. This outfit, which is easy to wear and gorgeous to look at, will have you wandering charmingly. 

  1. Black and Ivory Embroidered Anarkali 

    Black and Ivory Embroidered Anarkali

This black and white Anarkali is embellished with a hem that touches the floor with its wide and elegant style. We love the sheer sleeves  of the Anarkali and of course the long net dupatta. 

  1. Black Digital Printed Lehenga 

    Black Digital Printed Lehenga

This lehenga with black chanderi blouse and thick voila bottom has digital printed red flowers  on both the blouse and skirt. They are loved by brides around the world and are a great choice for almost any bridal party. 

  1. Cherry Lehenga

    Cherry Lehenga, Masaba

The cherry  lehenga may be a bridal lehenga, but it serves almost as well as a reception lehenga. The lehenga has a chiffon neck blouse embellished with sequins and a tie tassel detail at the back. The lehenga has embroidered borders and painted cyan details and lotus motifs on the skirt. 

  1. Latifa Chanderi Stripes Saree 

    Latifa Chanderi Stripes Saree

Enter the venue in its pink and gray chandelier and you will be dazzled in its splendor. Comes with  stone color velvet embroidered choli and colorful velvet skirt. Style it with elegant jewelry and statement shoes. 

  1. Lemon Yellow Lehenga 

    Noor Lemon Yellow Lehenga

This beautiful yellow lehenga in soft cotton is embellished with mirrors and silver applique. Paired with a fully embroidered blouse and organza dupatta.

 34. Gray Duchess Satin Embroidered Dress 

Gray Duchess Satin Embroidered Dress

Create a heavenly atmosphere with this ensemble. Featuring sequins, pearls and pearl embroidery and cut-out damask work, this mermaid gown is designed to give the bride a dramatic silhouette and accentuate the figure with a long bodice. 

  1. Multicolored Organza Embroidered Lehenga 

    Multicolored Organza Embroidered Lehenga

Another extraordinary choice for a reception party is this beautiful multicolored organza lehenga. This lehenga is covered with multicolored geometric embroidery and also has mirror work and draped sleeve choli which makes it perfect for any occasion. 

  1. Purple Raw Silk Kalidar Lehenga 

    Purple Raw Silk Kalidar Lehenga

Purple is such a lovely color for  evening parties. This bright purple raw silk kalidar lehenga with traditional prints and mirror embroidery looks attractive, especially when paired with a mulberry dupatta and a handmade mirror work raw silk blouse. 

  1. Green Silk Draped Skirt Set with Cape 

    Green Silk Draped Skirt Set with Cape

Take a break from regular lehengas and sarees with this forest green draped skirt and printed cape with zardozi and thread embroidery. The set comes with embroidered waist and floral embroidered blouse to give this bridal party dress of yours a very royal look. 

  1. Purple Floral Print Lehenga 

    Purple Floral Print Lehenga

If you are looking for a lehenga that stands out, this purple floral lehenga should be on your wish list. Embellished with sequins and zari embroidery, the lehenga would look stunning on the bride during the reception! 

  1. The Frayere Dress 

    The Frayere Dress

Known as the La Frayere Glow Dress , this dress is designed in a rose gold glitter pleated fabric. The suit has a V-neckline and a scoop neck and a hooded bottom that hugs the body at the waist and flows down the hips almost perfectly. Add fancy accessories like a clip and a pair of long earrings and you're set! 

 40. Purple Aahana Banarasi Chanderi Anarkali 

 Purple Aahana Banarasi Chanderi Anarkali

If you are looking for an elegant wedding  dress that is something minimal and easy to wear, then this purple Anarkali is a good choice. Embellished bodice, cutout panels and floral woven patterns are made from Banarasi chanderi silk. The organza dupatta has added tassels that make it an absolute beauty. 

 41. Oyster Organza Dress 

Oyster Organza Dress

This gorgeous oyster organza dress with wide sleeves is made of soft organza fabric. It features a deep V-neck and a sporty multi-colored cut with Danish, bead and sequin embroidery on the waist and yoke! 

 42. White Organza Lehenga with Puff Sleeves

White Organza Lehenga with Puff Sleeves  

We love a good puff sleeve suit. This ivory lehenga features a corset bodice and is embellished with intricate embroidery and cold shoulder puff sleeves. 

What to remember when choosing a wedding dress?

  1. Choose something practical 

 Your choice should be practical. The wedding dress  you choose should be evergreen, simple and easy to wear, or something you can change later. So don't choose it just to hang in your wardrobe permanently! Choose something you can reuse later without thinking. 

  1. Try to match your outfit to your theme 

 If you're going to have an event with a general theme, make sure your outfit matches your theme. Let it blend into the theme of the reception because the bride and groom are the ones who end the story on this special occasion. So be sure to keep this theme in mind when choosing your outfit. 

  1. Try new and exciting colors 

We often see brides looking for colours like gold and silver for their reception. But there is no rule for this. Try something new or untouched. Choose a floral outfit or something special in pastel shades. The options are endless when it comes to bridal party dress designs. 

4. Comfort Is King 

 This particular tip speaks for itself. No matter what outfit  you choose, you need to make sure that your outfit is as comfortable as it is fashionable. Never compromise on the comfort of your outfit because you will be partying, dancing and spending hours in it. If it's not comfortable, move on! 

  1. Always buy clothes on time 

Buying accessories before the actual party is a practical decision. Not only will your suit cost less, but it will also be easier to make changes and adjustments in time. 

  1. It Never Hurts to Get Additional Opinions 

 Whenever you are shopping for an outfit for your reception, be sure to include your bridesmaids or parents. They give you great advice on what looks hot and what doesn't. But make sure you take someone honestly (without being mean). 

Modern lehenga for a wedding reception: a guide to the perfect outfit 

A bride's wedding outfit is one of the most important parts of the big day. It's not just about looking good, it's about being confident and comfortable in the outfit you choose. The reception is the last celebration of the wedding and the bride wants to leave a lasting impression on her guests. A modern lehenga for a reception is the perfect choice for the bride who wants to look stunning and elegant on her big day. Understanding 

Lehenga Choli is a traditional Indian garment worn by brides for centuries. It is a three-piece set consisting of a long skirt, a blouse or choli and a dupatta or scarf. The lehenga is fitted at the waist and flares into a full skirt. Choli is a short crop which can be either sleeveless or sleeveless. A dupatta is a long scarf that can be worn on the head or around the neck. Lehenga choli is a versatile outfit that can be styled in many different ways. 

 Choosing the right material 

The material of the lehenga is an important factor to consider when choosing a modern lehenga for a reception. Silk, chiffon and Georgette are popular choices for a reception lehenga. These materials are light and flowy, making them ideal for hot and humid weather. A thicker fabric such as velvet or brocade is also an option, but it is best to choose only if the reception is taking place in cooler weather. 

 Choosing the Right Color 

The color of the lehenga is also an important factor. A bride can choose a classic color like red, maroon or gold for a traditional look. For a modern twist, the bride can choose brighter colors like pink, yellow or green. A pastel colored lehenga is also a popular choice for a reception. It is important to choose a color that complements the bride's skin tone and brings out her natural beauty. 

 Beading and Accessories 

Lehenga is usually embellished with intricate embroidery, zari work or other embellishments. A bride can choose a lehenga with little embellishment for a subtle look or  a heavily embellished lehenga for a more dramatic effect. The right accessories can also enhance the look of a lehenga. A statement necklace, earrings and bracelets can complete the look and add glamour. 

Lehenga can be designed in many different ways. A bride can get a traditional look by spreading the dupatta over her head and keeping it as a veil. For a more modern look, the dupatta can be worn around the neck or over the shoulder. Choli can be worn with a deep neck or a high neck depending on the personal style of the bride. The bride can also  wear her hair up or down according to the lehenga style and personal preference. 


Where to Buy Wedding Reception Lehenga from?

Kanchan Fashion

Kanchan Fashion is a leading ethnic wear fashion store for women in Delhi that offers a vast collection of trendy and chic clothing for women. With its vast array of styles, designs, and sizes, the store has become a favourite shopping destination for fashion-conscious individuals who are always on the lookout for the latest styles and trends. Checkout the Lehenga collection!

Wedding Reception Lehenga : Conclusion 

Finding the perfect reception look for a lehenga bride is not as daunting as it seems. By considering your body type, color, embellishments and accessories, you can create a look that is both comfortable and stunning. Be sure to choose a lehenga that makes you feel confident and beautiful, and don't be afraid to add your own personality with accessories and makeup.


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