Top 24+ Trendy Modern Kurti Neck Designs - Kurti Neck Design 2023

Trendy Modern Kurtis for Women

When you receive Kurt material as a gift, what's the first thing you  notice about it? Apart from choosing it based on color and work, we will definitely see its  neck design as well, right? The design of the neck of the kurti is as important as the design of the kurti. It adds life to a dull outfit and makes it stand out. You might know that there is a huge variety of kurtis designs available in the market, but do you also know that you can find a wide variety of neck kurtis designs as well? In fact, no kurti is complete without a proper neck design. Here is a list of 24 trendy Kurti neck designs that will give you a different look: 

  1. Kurti Off Shoulder Neck Design 

 modern kurti neck design

 Are you looking for  designer Kurtis? Get it with an off-the-shoulder neckline. This helps emphasize the collarbones. It usually has an elastic band on the shoulder to help your hearing aid sit comfortably. This design is very modern and elegant. Style Tips: Pair them with leggings or palazzos. Even the edges match it perfectly. Complete your look with  matching flat shoes. 

  1. Kurti Collar Neck Design 

modern kurti neck design

 Shirt collar kurti designs are very popular here. It makes you feel like you are wearing a shirt when you are actually wearing a kurti. This is a simple neck design, but still gives quite a stylish and bold look. These kurtis can be a great brake wear. Design Tips: As the collar designs are quite professional, you can choose from silver jewelry and complement it with jeans at the bottom. Lip gloss and eye makeup  add  volume to your look.  

  1. Anarkali Neck Design for Kurti

modern kurti neck design

 Many come and many go but Anarkali Kurtis have secured their place in this world of fashion. This is an elegant empiric cut, usually  with a tied scoop at the neck  and a deep rounded front nape. Some anarkalis have collars and look great in any season. If you have a collar,  match the leggings with its brightest color or pattern. Style Tips: Looks great with leggings or pants. Complete your look with a watch and trendy earrings. You can wear a bindi and add an Indian touch to it. 

  1. Kurti Lace Neck Design 

modern kurti neck design

 The Indian fashion industry is lace crazy, so you will find a lot of lace around the neck. It's simple but adds some variety to your overall look. If you are tired of the usual one, choose a lace neck kurti  and enjoy its visual effect. Style Tips: Looks best with leggings and palazzos. If you want to highlight the nape, tie your hair  back. You can complete your look with earrings and shoes. 

  1. High Neck Design for Kurti

modern kurti neck design

 The High Neck design is known for its elegant and simple look. Such designer kurtis leave a warm and less revealing impression. In addition, it looks perfect for everyday wear. Every time you choose this necklace, choose the whole work according to the occasion. Style Tips: These designer kurtis look best with palazzos, skirts and trousers. Keep it sophisticated, so don't play with too many colors and accessories. Complete your look with curly hair and eyeliner. 

  1. One Shoulder Neck Design for Kurti 

modern kurti neck design

 If you are looking for a great fusion of Indian and western culture, go for a one shoulder kurti design. This is a great combination of simple kurti and  dress. Such neck designs are available in many deaf designs, so choose according to your preference. Style Tips: Looks best with pants or leggings. You can pair your outfit with  sneakers and a watch. Keep your hair simple to emphasize the nape of your neck. Apply subtle lipstick and kajal and you're done. 

  1. Halter Neck Design Kurti

modern kurti neck design


The Halter Neck design closes around the neck and helps emphasize the arms and bones. It has no sleeves, which makes it different. Mostly suitable for slimmer girls. If you want to wear  these designer kurtas then get it for weddings and festivals. Style Tips: It looks great with trousers, stilettos and gold heels. You can get straight hair and shiny makeup with it.

  1. Round Notch Neck Design Kurti 

modern kurti neck design

This neck design touches the front slope. It has a butterfly pattern on the front  and a round neck. Round neckline with notch gives it a casual look. You can choose the right pattern and fabric for the right occasion. Style Tips: These designer kurtas look perfect with  jeans, trousers and rings. You can complete your look with a simple hairstyle, neutral makeup and fewer accessories.  

  1. Boat Neck Design Kurti

modern kurti neck design

 The boat neck design is simple and never goes out of style. It is more  casual  and looks perfect for gatherings and festivals. It is very elegant which makes it perfect in every aspect. Summers are the best time to wear these designer kurtas. Style Tips: It looks amazing with  dhoti pants, leggings and palais. Wear tribal or bohemian jewelry with it. You can complete your look with a simple hairstyle and balanced makeup. 

  1. Button Up Neck Design Kurti

modern kurti neck design

The button neck design is very popular as it gives the right traditional and formal feel. It is fitted at the top and loose at the bottom. This type of Kurt designs are mostly found in piping. You can decide its appearance according to the model and work. Style Tips: Pair this type of kurtis with palazzo or cigarette pants. Also includes earrings, handbag and balance sandals. Add a glow with earthy makeup.

  1. Boat Neck Kurti Design

24 Modern Kurti Neck Designs


This neckline is  boat shaped and can be either narrow or wide. It gives the kurti an elegant and classy look. 


  1. Kurti Crew Neck Design

Kurti Crew Neck Design

Simple and classic crew neck. It suits most body types and is perfect for casual wear. 

  1. Kurti V-Neck Design
    Kurti V-Neck Design

    This neckline has a V-shaped cut and elongates the neck for a slimming effect. It can be combined with many different styles. 


  1. Kurti Mandarin Collar design

    Kurti Mandarin Collar design

    Also known as the Chinese collar, this neckline is straight and  perfect for a fusion look. 

  1. Kurti Square Neck Design

    Kurti neck design

    This neck is  square in shape and has a unique and modern design. It looks good on kurtis with embellishments and prints. 

  1. Kurti Keyhole Neck Design
    Kurti Keyhole Neck Design

    A small keyhole  on the neckline adds glamour. It is perfect for parties and celebrations. 

  1. High Neck Kurti Design
    High Neck Kurti Design

    This neckline covers most of the neck and can be combined with many different lengths. This gives Kurti a formal and sophisticated look. 

  1. Collar Design Kurti

    Collar Design Kurti
    The traditional collar of the kurti gives it a formal and professional look. It can be combined with trousers for a stylish work outfit.  These are just a few of the many Kurti neck designs that women can choose from. A neckline can change the overall look of a kurti, so it's important to choose one that suits the occasion and your personal style.

  1. Kurti Halter Neck Design

    Kurti Halter Neck Design
    This neckline has straps that go around the neck and leave the shoulders exposed. It is perfect for a modern and elegant look. 

  1. Kurti Off-the-Shoulder Neck Design

    Kurti Off-the-Shoulder Neck Design
    This neckline falls below the shoulders and reveals the collar. It is perfect for a summery and romantic look.  

  1. Kurti Asymmetric Neck Design

    Kurti Asymmetric Neck Design
    This neckline is unique and modern with an eccentric cut. It adds sharpness to the deaf.


  1. Kurti Scoop Neck Design

    Kurti Scoop Neck Design
    This neckline is U-shaped and  perfect for a casual and relaxed look. It is perfect for everyday use. 

  1. Kurti Crew Neck Design

    Kurti Crew Neck Design
    This crew neck features draped fabric for a soft and elegant look. It is perfect for a refined and elegant look.  Peter Pan Collar: Round and flat, this collar  gives Kurt a cute and playful look. It is perfect for young and fun clothing. 

  1. Kurti Shirt collar Design

Kurti Shirt collar Design
Borrowed from western wear, the collar adds a formal and professional feel to the kurti. It is perfect for work wear.

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