40 Trendy Lehenga Blouse Back Designs for Brides in 2023: Reinvent Your Look

40 Trendy Lehenga Blouse Back Designs for Brides in 2023: Reinvent Your Look


The bride of 2023 needs to reinvent her lehenga blouse, refine the design of the back and ditch the old designs for a refresh. From simple lehenga blouse backs to trendy chola backs with fancy cuts and tailored laces, there are so many different blouse backs to try. 

Since then, brides have been thinking of creating an elegant front for their lehenga blouses, but hardly do they realise that the back of their bridal blouse is just as important. 

From playing with OTT ghagra back and sleeve styles to experimenting with stunning necklines and traditional embellishments, today's wives have taken their fashion game to a whole new level. Although the bridal party is limited this year, the bride doesn't have to compromise to look chic and jazzy at all functions. 

So, if you're a bride this season looking for trendy blouse back designs, we've got you covered. Check out these latest and stylish back blouses that will perfectly complement your lehenga and make your wedding a wonderful memory. 

  1. Cross Sequins Embroidered Blouse Back Design

lehenga blouse back design

Modern yet unique style forms the elegant blue cross-cut lehnga blouse back. If you're a bride who doesn't hesitate to bare some skin this wedding season, a custom back design might be your choice. It will definitely suit a bride with a slim rectangular body. 

  1. Pastel embroidery and cutout blouse back pattern 

lehenga blouse back design

    Who doesn't love the pink and soft feel? We're swooning over this cut-out high neck with a gold-embroidered design on the sleeves. This combo also goes well with a saree and if the bride wants to ditch the dupatta, we're all for it! This outfit is suitable for any bride who wants to emphasise the back of her blouse. 

    1. Backless Blouse Design with Mirror Button Embroidery lehenga blouse back design

    This incredibly shiny back design with heavy, sequins and mirror embroidery lehenga can be your chance to look like a fairy sprinkling fairy dust on your engagement day. 


    1. Pastel Loose/Knot Tie Blouse Back Pearl Beading Latkan Dorislehenga blouse back design

    The elegant mirror work of the blouse is an instant eye catcher and this look is perfect for a bride going to a day wedding. The keyhole back design of the pink lehenga looks absolutely stunning with the same color net dupatta, while the Dori tie-backless white blouse is beautifully balanced with the long sleeves. And let's not forget how these elegant back styles bring out the beauty of the net lehenga. 

    1. Lehenga Blouse Back Design With Zardosi Embroidery And Fancy Tie lehenga blouse back design

    Another pale beautiful sleeveless lehenga blouse with open back and long satin tie. A bold and smart look that would suit petite brides and wear quite nicely. 

    1. Light Gold Backless Blouse With Bow lehenga blouse back design

    This sleeveless patterned blouse with shiny border embroidery is perfect for this season's unique style. edge with double knot ties. 

    1. Double Tassel Convex Bridal Choli Back Design Dori lehenga blouse back design

    Elegantly embroidered with curved beads and multiple cream-colored tassel boxes accent this look. The low-back style is balanced with full sleeves, perfect for a casual vibe. 

    1. Silver keyhole blouse with tassels embellished with shells on the backlehenga blouse back design

    Doris shell tassels are 2023. We love how clean they are and how they wonderfully complement the heavy embroidery and net work on the sleeves! The elegant cut on the back also works well with the blouse sleeve and hemline and the lehenga waist to complete the look! 

    1. V-Back Pleated Ruffled Lehenga Blouse lehenga blouse back design

    Beautiful purple rolled sleeves are a visible way for the bride to stand out at her wedding. The V-neck adds elegance and this gorgeous blouse can definitely stand on its own without a dupatta. This model is a nice choice for those who want to add volume to their upper body. 

    1. Deep V Off Shoulder Blouse Back Style lehenga blouse back design

    What's not to love about this super chic and princely off-the-shoulder blouse? The gorgeous embroidery and delicate cord are to be drooled over. In addition, the transparent extended mesh sleeves give the whole model an eye-catching look and also perfectly combine with the fishnet skirt. 

    1. Traditional Back Blouse With Gorgeous Latkan lehenga blouse back design

    This light pista color blouse back is best suited for the bride who wants to step out with a heavy embroidered lehenga/ghagra but keeps it edgy. Did we mention how gold beaded potli latkans in the same colors accent the whole look? 

    1. Back blouse with tassels on embellishments lehenga blouse back design

    Less is more is the goal of the bride of 2023. This minimalist back design has colorful tassels on the hem and hem, which makes the back design so elegant. Brides can add this bridal blouse back design to the Haldi ceremony. 

    1. Tie Dye Design with Tie Lehenga Blouse Back Style 

    lehenga blouse back design


    Spaghetti never looked so good when tied. A mustard yellow and red tie completes the flowing ghagra for the Haldi/Sangeet ceremony for the modern bride. 

    1. Backless Lehenga Choli Design With Cross Knot And Gorgeous Latcan lehenga blouse back design

    Get ready to shake your hips when you wear this choli blouse with unique crisscross bottom and lathcans. A pink net dupatta not only makes a bride beautiful but also an embroidered lehenga.

    1. Classic Rectangle Cut-Out Silk Lehenga Blouse Back Design 

    lehenga blouse back design


    Not only a minimalist but also a traditional look for brides who want a humble style this year. In this case, a cropped silk blouse with little or no embroidery looks absolutely lovely. The bride paired it with a printed skirt for a minimal yet glamorous outfit. This blouse style can also be a beautiful choice for a Banarasi lehenga or bridal saree. 

    1. Backless Zardosi Work Bridal Blouse Back Design lehenga blouse back design

    Red color is synonymous with traditional Indian wedding and a bride who wants to stick to the authenticity of Indian wedding should go for this deep back lehenga blouse and look beautiful. We adore the unity and also the classic look that would go well with a saree. 

    1. Pearl Embellished Butterfly Blouse  lehenga blouse back design

    Look like a butterfly at your wedding and dazzle everyone with this ultra elegant lehenga blouse back design. White pearls look fascinating with silver white color of  lehenga and  blouse. Color and style is an alternative to common styles. 

    1. Double Dori Ties with Attractive Latkan Blouse Back Design lehenga blouse back design

    Double Dori ties are trendy for brides this season. Belted sleeves are a lovely combination with Dori's effortlessly stylish trousers. 


    1. Double Closure and Dori Heavy Embroidered Blouse  lehenga blouse back design

    This double closure and Dori back bridal blouse is probably one of the most beautiful styles we've ever seen. The high back neckline and quarter sleeves further emphasise the look of the style and complement the heavy embellishments. 

    1. Highly Embellished Silk Blouse with Doli Back Cut  lehenga blouse back design

    A wedding is a once in a lifetime celebration and a bride should wear a custom embroidered blouse like this. Small beaded jhumkis are another attractive element in this healthy lehenga bridal blouse design. This OTT blouse style complements the lightly embroidered silk lehenga for any day! 

    1. Double tassel backless Choli blouselehenga blouse back design

    Brides  looking for backless blouse back design and a creative look will go for this healthy choice. The closing dores are decorated with yellow tassels. An ideal choice for women! 

    1. Classic U Cut for a Little Dory End lehenga blouse back design

    Not all brides want to go all OTT on their wedding day, some prefer to stick to  classic, traditional designs. One of them is this simple u-cut style with an embellished dory. This style goes well with a 100% heavily embroidered lehenga. 

    1. Simple Deep Cut Lehenga Blouse with Latkan Back lehenga blouse back design

    You can't go wrong with this traditional yet trendy deep cut style. Brides can follow the norm by looking elegant, but also modernise the look by showing some skin.

    1. Single dori fastening round back blouse  

    lehenga blouse back design


    The back pattern embroidery of the blouse would go perfectly with a simple lehenga. The treatment of the sleeves and the longer length also complement the cut of the blouse nicely. 

    1. Double Strap Style Backless Choli Design 

    lehenga blouse back design

    We are totally in love with this modern double-strap choli blouse design. The entire pink blouse is embellished and embroidered with two intricately embellished doris to complete the look and the dainty pearl laces are a definite plus. 

    1. Light Yellow Crop Top With Thick Embellished Straps And V Back 

    lehenga blouse back design

    Crop top style lehenga blouse straps and hems are so beautiful. The V-back elevates the whole look and the intricate floral embroidery is the cherry on top. This is the perfect style to pair with ghagra for a fun, playful event like mehendi. 

    1. OTT Sheer Lehenga 3D Patterns and Embellished Bangles Blouse  

    lehenga blouse back design


    The barely visible back and unique embellishments are something we have never seen before. This statement style can be a great choice for the experimental bride. 

    1. Birdcage Embroidered Saree Blouse Back Design 

    lehenga blouse back design


    The intricate detail of this modern saree blouse is hand embroidered and we are in awe of how gorgeous it looks. Brides who want a fully draped traditional feel can get a hand-embroidered blouse back design like this one. 

    1. Backless lehenga blouse with narrow shoulder strap 

    lehenga blouse back design


    One of our favourites is this ivory lehenga blouse. The gorgeous and graceful embroidery on the blouse is so striking and the sleeveless lace back complements it so well. Definitely a great style for a reception. 

    1. Sequin Sheer Mesh Blouse Back Design 

    lehenga blouse back design


    The details of this beautiful back style are very unique and #OTT. The small patterns and transparent material of the blouse are distinctive elements. This blouse back style goes perfectly with Saree as well. 

    1. Plain V-Neck Raw Silk Blouse with Heavy Silver Embroidery 

    lehenga blouse back design


    The delicate floral details and embellishments cannot be missed. The deep and symmetrical back structure is modern but quite elegant. The embellished blouse is the perfect style for georgette chiffon lehenga. 

    1. Heavily Embroidered Dori-Dosa Blouse 

    lehenga blouse back design


    Stunning and irresistible are the two compliments that come to mind when we look at this beautiful lehenga blouse. Deep back style and single doris add to the gorgeous embroidery. This look would look good on broad shouldered brides.

    1. OTT Floral Style Lehenga Blouse Back Design with Sequined Straps 

    lehenga blouse back design


    he flower-loving and unusually gorgeous bride will be inspired by this fringed look. Swinging sequined belts and sequined belts are a rare choice for brides and a must for those who aren't afraid to show some skin this wedding season. 

    1. Sequins Cross Back Lehenga Choli Design 

    lehenga blouse back design


    If you have the perfect back tattoo, be ready to flaunt it  with this type of heavy embellished cross back style. Brides who want to be elegant can get something like this for their special day. 

    1. Traditional Half Backless Blouse with Unique Dori Ties 

    lehenga blouse back design


    The words "backless" and "traditional" never went so well together. This half back blouse has a traditional feel with gorgeous embroidered patchwork and a pretty doris at the bottom.  

    1. Backless blouse with mirror fabric Latkans 

    lehenga blouse back design


    Another backless gem that is so simple yet beautiful. An open-back look is ideally a demonstration of the bride's self-confidence. Mirror works with dori latkans are delicious and add to the sensuality of the look. 

    1. Plain Back Blouse with Wide U Cut and Slim Dori 

    lehenga blouse back design
    When people say simple is more, they're talking about this look. The wide back and thin doria look very delicate and easy to care for. A bride who wants to emphasize her waist can choose this beautiful style. 

    1. Sheer Lehenga Blouse Back with Multiple Doris 

    lehenga blouse back design

    A wedding is a special occasion, so why go for a boring blouse back design when you can rock multiple Doris, a backless back and gorgeous oversized sleeves? 

    1. Simple Back Design Gold Sequines Coral Blouse With Elegant Pom Pom Latkans 

    lehenga blouse back design

    The coral peach color of this blouse is accentuated by the gold sequins and the deep back of this bridal choli design. A stylish pair for your heavily embroidered lehenga. This classic style is suitable for all body types. 


    1. Butterfly Style, Off lapa Lehenga Blouse Back 

    lehenga blouse back design


    This mustard gold heavily embroidered blouse back is gorgeous! Backless butterfly back modern lehenga blouse creates an elegant look and dori anchors the whole look beautifully. 


    1. Personalized and Embroidered Blouse Back Style 

    lehenga blouse back design


    Nothing can be more attractive than this custom embroidered blouse back style. Writing your loved one's name on your palm is now so unfashionable that you can write it on your blouse. 


    1. Embellished Blouse With Tie Straps And Low Back Neckline 

    lehenga blouse back design


    If you want to throw away the traditional norms of the wedding world and want to wear something OTT, then this thick lace heavily embroidered blouse back style can be your choice. A bride who wants to show off her midriff, save this look! 


    1. Unique backless blouse with gold ring 

    lehenga blouse back design


    Gone are the days when gold rings fit only on the nose or ears. 2023 is the year when you can add designer gold rings to your back blouse. This back lehenga blouse style would look amazing on any bride! 

    When choosing a lehenga blouse, make sure it matches your bridal outfit and accessories. You can always try unique cuts, genius styles and embellishments on the back and front of the blouse if you play minimal with your lehenga skirt and vice versa. Similarly, you can choose hairstyles and accessories that allow you to show off your back blouse. So, which one will you try this wedding season? Drop us a line in the comments section below!

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