Top 10+ Destination Wedding Venues in France -Wedding Venues in France

Top 10+ Destination Wedding Venues in France


Planning your dream wedding? Imagine saying "I do" against the backdrop of picturesque vineyards, historic chateaux, or on the shores of the Mediterranean. France offers a plethora of enchanting locations for couples seeking a destination wedding. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore more than 10 stunning destination wedding venues in France that will make your special day truly magical.

Why Choose France for Your Destination Wedding?

France, often referred to as the "Land of Love," is renowned for its romantic ambiance, world-class cuisine, and diverse landscapes. Here's why France is the perfect destination for your wedding:

1. Romantic Settings

France boasts charming villages, fairytale castles, and breathtaking beaches that provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic wedding.

2. Culinary Delights

Indulge in exquisite French cuisine, fine wines, and delectable pastries that will delight your taste buds and those of your guests.

3. Rich Culture

Experience the rich cultural heritage of France, from art and music to history and traditions, adding depth to your wedding celebration.

4. Expert Wedding Services

France offers a wide range of wedding planners, photographers, and vendors who specialize in creating unforgettable destination weddings.

Top 10+ Destination Wedding Venues in France

1. Château de Chantilly, Paris

Château de Chantilly Wedding Venues in France

Location: Paris

Exchange vows in the opulent Château de Chantilly, a 19th-century masterpiece surrounded by lush gardens and a pristine lake. This fairy-tale setting is perfect for a romantic Parisian wedding.

2. Domaine de Manville, Provence

Domaine de Manville Wedding Venues in France

Location: Provence

Escape to the idyllic countryside of Provence and celebrate your love at Domaine de Manville. This rustic yet elegant venue offers vineyards, olive groves, and a luxurious spa.

3. Château de Villiers-le-Mahieu, Versailles

Château de Villiers-le-Mahieu Wedding Venues in France

Location: Versailles

Transport your guests to the era of kings and queens with a wedding at Château de Villiers-le-Mahieu. This stunning château near Versailles is steeped in history and surrounded by beautiful gardens.

4. Château de Berne, Côte d'Azur

Château de Berne Wedding Venues in France

Location: Côte d'Azur

For a sun-soaked wedding by the French Riviera, choose Château de Berne. This vineyard estate offers a blend of Provencal charm and luxury, making it an ideal choice for couples.

5. Domaine de Manoir, Normandy

Domaine de Manoir Wedding Venues in France

Location: Normandy

Nestled in the heart of Normandy, Domaine de Manoir is a fairy-tale castle with picturesque gardens and a lake. Say your vows in this enchanting setting steeped in history.

6. Abbaye de Talloires, Lake Annecy

Abbaye de Talloires Wedding Venues in France

Location: Lake Annecy

Exchange your vows at Abbaye de Talloires, a historic abbey on the shores of Lake Annecy. The tranquil waters and alpine backdrop create a serene atmosphere for your wedding.

7. Château de Varennes, Burgundy

Château de Varennes Wedding Venues in France

Location: Burgundy

Château de Varennes in Burgundy offers a timeless setting with its vineyards and French gardens. It's the perfect location for an intimate and romantic wedding.

8. Château de la Bourlie, Dordogne

Château de la Bourlie Wedding Venues in France

Location: Dordogne

Nestled in the Dordogne region, Château de la Bourlie exudes old-world charm. The beautiful gardens and rustic château make it an enchanting wedding venue.

9. Château de Courtomer, Normandy

Château de Courtomer Wedding Venues in France

Location: Normandy

Château de Courtomer is a hidden gem in Normandy, featuring a stunning château surrounded by a moat and lush gardens. It's a fairy-tale setting for your wedding day.

10. Château de Challain, Loire Valley

Château de Challain Wedding Venues in France

Location: Loire Valley

Celebrate your love story in a real-life castle at Château de Challain. This opulent venue in the Loire Valley offers grandeur, history, and a touch of fantasy.

How much does a wedding cost in France?

The cost of a wedding in France can vary significantly depending on various factors such as location, guest count, and personal preferences. On average, weddings in France can range from €10,000 to €40,000 or more. Paris and the French Riviera tend to be more expensive, while rural areas may offer more budget-friendly options. It's essential to create a detailed budget to estimate your specific expenses accurately.

Is it cheaper to get married in France?

Whether it's cheaper to get married in France compared to other countries depends on several factors. While France can offer unique and picturesque wedding settings, it may not always be the most cost-effective option. Destination weddings, in general, can be expensive due to travel and accommodation costs for guests. To determine if it's cheaper for you, consider your priorities, guest list, and the overall wedding experience you desire.

Can you have a destination wedding in France?

Absolutely! France is a popular destination wedding location. The country's diverse landscapes, romantic ambiance, and rich culture make it an attractive choice. Popular destinations include Paris, Provence, the French Riviera, and the Loire Valley. Planning a destination wedding in France may require some logistical coordination, such as securing appropriate documentation and working with local vendors, but it can result in a memorable and beautiful celebration.

Which is the best country for a destination wedding?

The choice of the best country for a destination wedding depends on your preferences and priorities. Some popular destinations, apart from France, include:

  1. Italy: Known for its stunning landscapes, historic cities, and delicious cuisine, Italy is a top choice for romantic weddings.

  2. Greece: With its picturesque islands and Mediterranean charm, Greece offers a unique and idyllic wedding setting.

  3. Mexico: Mexico provides a diverse range of settings, from beautiful beaches to vibrant cities, making it a versatile choice for destination weddings.

  4. Hawaii: For a tropical paradise wedding, Hawaii offers breathtaking beaches, lush landscapes, and a relaxed atmosphere.

  5. Bali, Indonesia: Bali's natural beauty, rich culture, and luxury resorts make it a sought-after destination for exotic weddings.

Ultimately, the best country for your destination wedding will align with your vision, budget, and personal preferences. Research thoroughly and consider factors like travel logistics, legal requirements, and the overall experience you want to create for yourselves and your guests.


France offers an array of magical destinations for your dream wedding. From the elegance of Paris to the rustic charm of Provence and the stunning landscapes of the French Riviera, there's a perfect venue for every couple. Make your wedding day truly special by choosing one of these 10+ enchanting destination wedding venues in France.


  1. How do I legally marry in France as a foreigner? To legally marry in France, you'll need to provide the necessary documents, including a Certificate of No Impediment. It's advisable to consult with your local embassy or consulate for specific requirements.

  2. Can I have a beach wedding in France? Yes, France offers beautiful beach wedding locations along its coastline, particularly in the Côte d'Azur and Corsica regions.

  3. Are there English-speaking wedding planners in France? Absolutely! Many wedding planners in France are fluent in English and specialize in organizing destination weddings for international couples.

  4. What is the best time of year for a destination wedding in France? The spring and early autumn months (May to September) are popular for destination weddings in France, as the weather is generally pleasant.

Make your dream wedding in France a reality, and start planning your special day today!

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