30+ Simple Lehenga Hairstyle Wedding Ideas - Hairstyle for Lehenga

30+ Simple Lehenga Hairstyles for Weddings - Easy Guide

Attractive Lehenga Hairstyle for Weddings

If you are a bride-to-be seeking fashionable hairstyles that complement your dress and personality, let us ease your worries.

We are aware that you are well-prepared for your wedding day; after all, you have waited your whole life for this time, and you have planned everything for the big day.

Even though you prepared everything for the important day, you may have overlooked one or two details in the days leading up to the wedding.


Table of Content

1. 30+ Trending Lehenga Hairstyle For Weddings

2. Which hairstyle is best for lehenga?

3. Which hairstyle is best for Gharara?

4. What hairstyle will suit on saree?

5. What is the new hairstyle for 2022?

6. Which haircut is best for my face?

7. What hairstyle suits round chubby face?

8. Which Hairstyle is Best for Sharara?

Marriage is a celebration in and of itself, yet before the major day comes, there are a million additional things to dampen our joy.

We are here to lessen some of your tension.

After all, future brides should have a wedding glow, not an emotional outburst!

However, before we begin, we would want to congratulate you for deciding to spend the rest of your life with your one true love.

We wish you and your spouse a lifetime of pleasure and companionship and a life filled with joy, serenity, and love.

We recognise the significance of your wedding day and the events leading up to it, since these are the memories you will treasure for a lifetime. To make the process a bit easier for you, we have some hairstyle suggestions for the Sagai ceremony.

Checkout Kanchan Fashion's Latest ethnic dresses. Lehenga will undoubtedly be worn on the Sagai day, but what about the accompanying hairstyle?


This Guide will help you answer the following questions

1. Which hairstyle is best for lehenga?

2. Which hairstyle is best for Gharara?

3. What hairstyle will suit on saree?

4. What is the new hairstyle for 2022?

5. Which haircut is best for my face?

6. What hairstyle suits round chubby face?

7. Which Hairstyle is Best for Sharara?

30+ Trending Lehenga Hairstyle For Weddings

1. Single Diagonal Braid with Curls

Attractive Lehenga Hairstyle for Weddings

This hairstyle is ideal for achieving a simple but elegant appearance. First, curl your hair inwards to create a cascading effect, and then take a tiny section of hair from the side and braid it diagonally.

The easiest technique to obtain a soft appearance for the knots is to bring the hair you are braiding to the side instead of the centre; this will also make the diagonal braid simple to create.
Add little flower clips to the braid's knots, and then wear your lehenga with this hairstyle. Your gorgeous lehenga hairstyle is prepared for display.

2. Buns With Ambada Veni

 Attractive Lehenga Hairstyle for Weddings

In contrast to the semi-modern appearance of the preceding haircut, the bun with Ambada Veni is the most traditional lehenga hairstyle available.

This timeless hairstyle has been preferred by brides for centuries.

While we normally advocate this for the main wedding day, if a conventional appearance is what you're after, neither we nor anyone else can stop you.

This classic haircut for lehenga is ideal for exuding old-world charm and enhancing your traditional attractiveness.
As demonstrated in the picture above, you may get a complete appearance by wrapping many gajras around your tidy bun and topping it off with an Ambada Veni.

3. The Loose Curls 

Attractive Lehenga Hairstyle for Weddings
This magnificent haircut will enhance the appearance of your lehenga and help you attain all the razzle-dazzle.

There is nothing better than letting your hair down in gorgeous curls; however, with the dance performances and other elements involved in a Sagai Ceremony, we recommend a half-tie hairstyle so that your hair stays in place and your appearance at the beginning of the evening matches the one at the end of the night.

Simply create a U-shaped braid in the front area of the hair and add some gorgeous flowers to complete the appearance.

4. Side Swept Curls

Attractive Lehenga Hairstyle for Weddings 

If you are not going to wear any hair accessories with your floral lehenga, you will not find a better lehenga hairstyle than this one.

This hairstyle is sleek and appealing and will complement your fashionable status.

As seen in the picture, the hair have been swept to one side in voluminous curls, there is a semi-side puff in the front that has been made to seem a bit sleek and bouncy with backcombing and hair spray, and the puff is twisted towards the end and secured in place with bobby clips.

5. Rough Half-Tie and Abundant Waves

 Attractive Lehenga Hairstyle for Weddings

This lehenga hairstyle is designed for future brides who want a simple but stunning appearance. This lehenga hairstyle is very breathtaking, and the starry clip that holds the half-tie together will leave you with starry eyes.

This stunning half-tie with hair item in the middle is a favourite among brides, who often choose for this hairstyle because to its simplicity and elegance.

This hairstyle is similar to the outward ponytail; the only difference is that there is no ponytail hair, and after twisting and applying the hair item, you must leave your hair free.


6. Braids with a Center Parting, Bun, and Gajra


Attractive Lehenga Hairstyle for Weddings
This gorgeous haircut will immediately enhance your elegance and charm.

If you are intending to wear a maang tikka and gajra for your Sagai Ceremony, then you should stop right there and choose this gorgeous hairstyle.

We guarantee that this lehenga hairstyle will enhance the beauty of your Sagai lehenga and make you seem like a princess from a storybook.

Simply create a centre parting in the front and twist and twirl the hair on both sides to get a similar braided appearance.
Then, tie your hair into a bun, add a white gajra and a maang tikka to the middle, and voilà! The look is complete.

7. Crown Puff and Edgy Braids in Lehenga hairstyle

Attractive Lehenga Hairstyle for Weddings

This intricate hairstyle demands a great deal of patience and effort, so before we get farther into this hairstyle, we'd want to remind the brides-to-be that they must set aside a great deal of time to achieve this appearance.

The front hair has been twisted and braided, while the back hair has been curled to create a waterfall appearance.

The hair is then tied in a half-knot and lavender flowers are added to create a wonderful appearance.

The remaining hair is symmetrically styled into double braids and ponytails. The middle section, just below the lavender, is styled into a bubble ponytail, while the sides are styled into straight double braids.

8. French Braid Twist Hairstyle

Attractive Lehenga Hairstyle for Weddings

If you want to make the most of your Sagai Day, then you should absolutely choose this beautiful haircut.

This haircut in lehenga will appear just as stunning as in the image. Multiple French braids are gathered here to produce a complete appearance.

It will maintain your hair's tidy appearance and guarantee that you do not miss out on the day's activities.

As shown in the photograph, the hair has been styled into a French braid. Front hair is parted down the middle and secured in braids and twists; a gorgeous pink flower is added to match the lehenga; however, you may use any other flower or clip to complete your style.

PS- If you are a close friend, sister, or cousin on the bride or groom's side, then you may also attempt these beautiful hairstyles with lehenga.

The only modification you'd need to make is with your makeup, so go for a basic foundation instead of going all out, and you will definitely rock the above-mentioned hairstyle for lehenga looks!

9. Top Pinup Hairstyle 

Attractive Lehenga Hairstyle for Weddings

This is one of the most appealing, simple, and subtle lehenga hairstyles you can design, and it requires less work. This lehenga hairstyle works nicely with any attire, even a lehenga choli, when you're in a rush. It is one of the easiest but most fashionable hairstyles for lehenga choli.

This is a fashionable and in-demand Lehenga Hairstyle for oval faces while wearing lehenga choli. Given how pretty and stylish it is, this is a highly feminine and desired appearance. This trendy appearance is simple to achieve. You just need to braid your hair from both sides and secure it into a bun. If you're wearing a heavy lehenga choli, this simple but beautiful lehenga hairstyle is the best option for you.

10. Short Haircut

Attractive Lehenga Hairstyle for Weddings

Choose this style if you like a short, basic lehenga. Also, if you prefer short hair over long hair and want a relaxed appearance, check out this cut. This is incredibly unusual and popular right now, and ladies with short hair adore it. In addition, its vintage design offers a timeless, edgy, and sleek appeal. You will be happy with the outcomes if you try this fashion. To seem attractive, match it with a thick lehenga.

11. Simply Open Your Hair

Attractive Lehenga Hairstyle for Weddings

If you want a straightforward short haircut for lehenga, this is your best alternative. If you prefer shorter hair over longer hair and want a more casual appearance, try this cut. This is uncommon and trendy nowadays, and ladies with short hair enjoy it. This is a retro style with a classic, edgy, and sleek appearance. You will be pleased with the results if you use this method. Pair it with a substantial lehenga to complete the look.

12. Floral Lehenga Hairstyle

Attractive Lehenga Hairstyle for Weddings

This lehenga hairstyle with lehenga together are the wedding celebration attire of the actress Sonam Kapoor. This is how the well-known actress prepared for her sangeet and Mehendi ceremony. This might be the ideal option for you if you're looking for something elaborate and Indian-inspired. If you own a huge, hefty, designer lehenga, try it out. This may work nicely with these sorts of styles.

13. A Loose Ponytail

Attractive Lehenga Hairstyle for Weddings


If you enjoy basic looks and own a magnificent handloom linen lehenga, this ponytail hairstyle on a lehenga for a wedding may be both traditional and avant-garde. This is a rather simple design. Simply gather your hair into a loose ponytail and keep it free. Additionally, if you have long hair, this is an excellent choice. As a lady of sophistication and elegance, you will stand out in a crowd when you wear this.

14. Sleeky Braid lehenga Hairstyle On Sides:

Attractive Lehenga Hairstyle for Weddings

This is a fantastic lehenga hairstyle for medium hair. If you have medium hair and want a feminine appearance, this is the cut for you. From the corner side, braid a thin and smooth rope to the finish. Leave the remaining hair untrimmed. This must have a proper hair parting. You may choose straight hair, curls, or waves, according to your desire. This is an exceptionally beautiful and feminine girlie style for those who like seeming feminine.

15. High Bun With Accessory

Attractive Lehenga Hairstyle for Weddings

A second wedding hairstyle is the lehenga. This is one of our favourite lehenga bun hairstyles because to its beauty and fashion-forwardness. Her hair is styled in a voluminous roll behind her head. It is adorned with hair accessories. As one of the most popular wedding hairstyles, expert guidance is required to attain perfection with this lehenga hairstyle. This is how to put on a lehenga in a beautiful, feminine, and traditional manner.

16. Braid Lehenga Hairstyle  

Attractive Lehenga Hairstyle for Weddings 

This braid is unlike others we have previously seen. It is both a traditional and avant-garde contemporary braid. Try this if you're looking for something a little more contemporary and unique than the standard brilliantly coloured lehenga. It will give you an ethnic appearance that will set you apart.

17. Side Parting Lehenga Hairstyle

Attractive Lehenga Hairstyle for Weddings

It's a fact, let's face it! We live in a fast-paced, very competitive atmosphere in which competition motivates everyone. Before attending the next wedding for which they have been invited, not everyone has time to have their hair done. This simple but appealing lehenga hairstyle is excellent for ladies who are always on the go!

18. Floral Tiara Lehenga Hairstyle

Attractive Lehenga Hairstyle for Weddings

This bride-to-be arranged her hair in loose waves, leaving half of it uncovered and securing the other half with a floral headband. How could we not be captivated by that? Look at this beautiful woman! This is one of the most sophisticated and straightforward hairstyles for women who dislike elaborate hairstyles with bulky embellishments.

19. Ponytail with a Crown with Braids

Attractive Lehenga Hairstyle for Weddings

A lady with a high ponytail seems more attractive than anything else. This high ponytail and braided crown will command attention in any space. This lehenga hairstyle is often liked by ladies with a strong personality. These haircuts are simple to create and may inspire confidence in their wearer.

20. Messy lehenga Hairstyle With Accessory

Attractive Lehenga Hairstyle for Weddings

This lehenga hairstyle is ideal for all bridesmaids; a messy bun with a few accessories is as simple as it gets, and a tiny bit of hairspray will keep your hair in place. You can't go wrong with this look. Try it on your next special occasion!

21. Simple Swirling Knot 

Attractive Lehenga Hairstyle for Weddings

Everyone must have worn this haircut in high school or college when advised to do so by a teacher. This open knot looks good, and if you pair it with a headband or tiara, you'll look wonderful at weddings and other formal events.

22. Layered lehenga Hairstyle 

Attractive Lehenga Hairstyle for Weddings

This lehenga hairstyle includes an open knot in the back, side-parted hair, and two thin layers of hair in front of the face. It is breathtakingly gorgeous and ideal for the summertime. This lehenga hairstyle may be paired with lehenga choli for a summer wedding.


8 Hairstyles on Sharara That Work Wonders For Your Appearance

Are you going to wear a Sharara to your wedding? Perfect! Here are some amazing suggestions for selecting a sharara hairstyle!

The hairstyle for your wedding is both an essential component and an ornament. Depending on the wedding gown you pick, you must choose the appropriate hairdo, which will emphasise your overall appearance. For wedding apparel such as Sharara, there are several design options. On Sharara, you may wear almost any hairdo you can imagine, from buns to braids. Nevertheless, this is easier said than done. The more alternatives you have, the harder it becomes to make a decision. The bright side is that we're here to assist you choose your hairdo on Sharara.

How to choose the most attractive hairstyle for Sharara 

Certain considerations must be taken into account while deciding on a hairstyle for Sharara. To get the most out of a hairstyle, you must know the exact shape of your face so that the proper features are emphasised and the clothing as a whole is emphasised. You can determine your face's form based on the length of your forehead, jawline, and cheekbones.

In addition to determining if your face is oval, square, or round, you must also consider the location and layout of the wedding. Sharara may have a gorgeous, conventional haircut if the setting is traditional. For a stylish or contemporary appearance, you must choose hairstyles that are fashionable. Regarding this, we have compiled a list of hairstyles on Sharara that will enhance your wedding appearance.

Traditional Hairstyles for Shararas

1. Side-partition bun

 Best Simple Lehenga Hairstyles for Weddings | Kanchan Fashion

A side-partition bun is as traditional as hairstyles get. This haircut pairs well with collared shirts or Kurti on Sharara. The side-partition offers a delicate touch to your face, which is accentuated by the back bun. Add a single-layered Matha Patti to this hairdo for an extra touch of elegance.

2. huge puff with curls 

huge puff with curls
Impossible to discuss Sharara's wedding hairdo without noting the high puff. In the realm of wedding hairstyles, puff hairstyles have their own status. The curls contribute to the beauty of this hairstyle. This hairstyle fits well with necklines that are either round or deep. A basic, modest Maang Tikka would complement this haircut most well. Moreover, you may compensate for simplicity by wearing necklaces and earrings with hefty weights.

3. Braided Bun

 Best Simple Hairstyles for women | Kanchan Fashion

We adore braids, correct? Simply transforming the braid into a bun will give it a clean and sophisticated appearance. It makes the hair beautiful and simple to handle. The majority of the time, bun hairstyles complement collared or richly decorated shirts and highlight your attractiveness. The addition of a Passa may give this hairstyle on Sharara a beautiful appearance. It lends a regal appearance to the clothing.

4. French Braid

 Best Simple Lehenga Hairstyles for Weddings

French braids may seem both classic and contemporary. This haircut is compatible with a variety of blouses and Kurtis. Rather of wearing traditional gold or silver jewellery, you could adorn your sharara with floral ornaments. The flowers lend a classic touch to the ensemble, and there is nothing more beautiful than this item.

Attractive Hairstyles for Sharara

1. Side part, loose hair

Best Simple Lehenga Hairstyles for Weddings - Only Guide You Need

Although it is lovely to wear a hairdo on Sharara that resembles accessories on your wedding day, it is also stunning to let your hair down and keep it simple. It relies mostly on how you manage to look your best overall. Putting your hair in a side part and matching it with a Passa and hefty necklaces gives your outfit a complete appearance. This haircut is appropriate for both straight and curly hair.

2. lightly backcombed hair

This haircut was popular in the 1990s and has recently made a resurgence, with the Kardashians virtually claiming a copyright. This is the most fashionable hairdo for your Sharara. Although it would be preferable if you did not wear any hair accessories and instead wore hefty tops as earrings, as your ears would be completely exposed. Let your makeup work its magic, as this haircut will showcase your sculpted appearance.

3. The crown twirls 

 Best Simple Lehenga Hairstyles for Weddings - Only Guide You Need

This wedding fashion has persisted against all odds ever since it first appeared. This is one of the hairstyles that many brides use with Sharara and other wedding attire. Adding twirls from either side of the forehead and pinning them to the back of the head not only adds beauty to both a sloppy and a tidy hairstyle, but also gives room for anything else you choose to add to that hairstyle. You can braid, construct a bun, and shift your hair to the side, among other styles. The addition of layered Matha Patti would be fantastic.

4. Hair parted in the middle with a high, elegant ponytail

 Best Simple Lehenga Hairstyles for Weddings - Only Guide You Need

This is the finest haircut to choose if you want your Sharara to have a clean appearance. It is easy to create and provides your outfit a really stylish appearance. This hairstyle on Sharara may be matched with Maang Tikka; but, if you leave the hairstyle undressed, it will seem just as fashionable and beautiful. This style works best with straight hair, but if executed properly, it can also make wavy hair seem stunning.


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