Grey Semi Stitched Suit Hand Embroidered Contrast Georgette Dupatta Border

Grey Semi Stitched Suit Hand Embroidered Contrast Georgette Dupatta Border | Latest Semi-Stitched Suits| - Kanchan Fashion Pvt Ltd
Grey Semi Stitched Suit Hand Embroidered Contrast Georgette Dupatta Border | Latest Semi-Stitched Suits| - Kanchan Fashion Pvt Ltd
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Grey Semi Stitched Suit Hand Embroidered Contrast Georgette Dupatta Border | Latest Semi-Stitched Suits| - Kanchan Fashion Pvt Ltd
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Grey Semi Stitched Suit Hand Embroidered Contrast Georgette Dupatta Border | Latest Semi-Stitched Suits| - Kanchan Fashion Pvt Ltd

Grey Semi Stitched Suit Hand Embroidered Contrast Georgette Dupatta Border

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What are Semi Stitched Suits?

Semi stitched Suits have been a closet-staple for women in India. Semi stitched suit is an attire, which is loved by most women in the India. The semi-stitched salwar suits comes in three pieces, the salwar, Kameez and Dupatta, a loose piece of cloth that goes over the bust. These suit sets are available in various prints like block printing, geometrical patterns, ethnic designs and abstract motifs. Many of our semi-stitched salwar suits also have detailed embroidery on the neck and sleeves, gota patti work, thread work borders and hand weaving. Each suit set comes with a designed dupatta that adds elegance to your outfit. check out our collection of unstitched suits and semi-stitched suits and you’ll surely love the number of options. Semi-stitched salwar kameez is the best as it blends the best parts of the un-stitched salwar kameez pieces and the ready-made ones. It will give you the freedom to be creative with your outfit. At we have semi stitched collection From embroidered suit sets in Silk and Shantoon to digital prints in Georgette. Our collection of semi-stitched suits will surely be loved by you. Our collection of women’s semi-stitched suits online includes various styles like A-line kurtas with churidaars, full-length anarkalis, palazzo suit sets and many more. 

What is Georgette?

Georgette is a light-weight, crinkled and sheer fabric, which displays an overall bouncy look. Georgette fabric comes in both translucent and opaque textures and is sheer. The main source of inspiration for this creation was the similar material Chiffon; Georgette is a more durable and stronger fabric. Georgette is a strong absorbent. This makes Georgette easy to dye. Georgette fabric gives a crushed feel. Originally Georgette was made from silk. Later it was blended with rayon. Modern Georgette is made with the use of synthetic filaments. Georgette is also used as a layer in a larger garment, this helps in not adding weight to the overall outfit. Due to Georgette’s thin texture, the Georgette fabric is also lightweight and easy to handle.The most intriguing part of the making of Georgette is the crepe-like twist. Georgette fabric is made using crepe weave. Instead of Chiffon, which gives a flowing look, Georgette is used for the same purpose. Blouses, dresses, suits,gowns and skirts are some of the most common garments on which Georgette fabric is used. Georgette fabric belongs to the family of crêpe fashion fabrics and is a woven silk fabric with a slightly crinkled surface and a wonderful drape. In France, crêpe de soie was originally introduced around the turn of the twentieth century. Since then, it has been a mainstay of luxury fashion, especially for evening and wedding attire. Georgette is a kind of crêpe fabric that is normally made of pure silk but may also be made of rayon, viscose, and polyester. In the early twentieth century, French designer Georgette de la Plante introduced the original silk fabric.The transparent and lightweight silk fabric has a drab, matte feel.The tightly twisted strands used to weave crêpe georgette provide a somewhat crinkled appearance. Silk Georgette is extremely similar to silk chiffon, which is also a form of crêpe fabric, however because of the tighter weave, Georgette is not as transparent as chiffon. Georgette fabrics are occasionally marketed in plain colours, but they may also be printed and frequently include floral patterns in vibrant hues.

How Is Georgette Made?

Typically, georgette is a plain-weave fabric woven of tightly twisted s-twist and z-twist yarns, as these are yarns twisted in opposing directions. These twists generate small puckers on the fabric's surface, giving Georgette its trademark crinkled appearance.Georgette may also be woven with a satin or jacquard weave, resulting in satin Georgette and jacquard Georgette, respectively.

Six Features of Georgette

A variety of properties make Georgette a distinctive fabric. These consist of:

1. Lightweight and breathable material Georgette is a breathable, lightweight, fluid fabric. However, silk-based georgette is more breathable than its synthetic counterpart.

2. Crinkled. Due to the tightly twisted threads employed in its weave, georgette is characterised by its characteristic puckered look.

3. Sheer. Georgette is a transparent, translucent fabric, however it is significantly less sheer than its more net-like sibling, chiffon. 

4. Nice draping. Georgette is a highly fluid and structured fabric, especially for dresses and skirts. Layering georgette over plain textiles may give depth and produce an eye-catching look.

5. Holds dye nicely. Georgette fabric takes dye well, and silk's natural off-white colour may be dyed in a variety of colours and designs.

6. Slight elongation As a consequence of the weave and tightly twisted yarn, georgette fabric has some bounce and give.

5 Different Varieties of Georgette

There are many distinct variations of Georgette fabric, each with its unique qualities.

1. Double Georgette. Silk double Georgette is a more dense version of Georgette that retains a beautiful drape.

2. Stretch Georgette. Elasticity Georgette is woven with spandex or other elastic materials for increased stretch.

3. Satin Georgette. This style of Georgette is woven with satin, giving it a shiny look.

4. Jacquard Georgette. Jacquard Georgette is woven on a jacquard loom, which provides the fabric with increased durability and a jacquard pattern. 

5. Polyester Georgette. Polyester Georgette, or poly georgette, is simple Georgette produced from polyester.

2 Uses for Georgette Fabric

Georgette fabric offers a variety of fashion uses.

1. Dresses. Because Georgette is not as transparent as chiffon, it is an excellent dress fabric. A Georgette dress has a lovely flow and well clings to the form. Georgette is a flexible fabric used for a variety of dress designs, including A-line, pleated, flare, and wrap dresses. It is often used for evening gowns, wedding gowns, and special occasions. It is also appropriate for midi and maxi dresses with either long or short sleeves.

2. Sarees. Silk georgette fabric is often used to manufacture Indian sarees because it layers well and drapes beautifully when wrapped.

What is Hand Embroidery?

Hand Embroidery is the art of using needle and thread to create beautiful stitches on cloth. There are several varieties of thread, yarn, and fibres to use in embroidery, as well as an abundance of stitches. Quilts, clothes, and accessories are decorated with hand embroidery. Ribbons, beads, and buttons may be used to embellish embroidery. There are several materials pertaining to hand embroidery stitches. Hand embroidery may be both attractive and functional.