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Kanchan Fashion Indianwear – Best Ethnic Wear For Women Online

When it comes to best ethnic wear for women online for women at affordable prices, the only brand that comes to our thoughts is Kanchan Fashion. An Indianwear brand that introduces itself as an enterprise that's been in the garments industry for the last 30 years and is involved in the Wholesaling and retailing of beautiful

  1. 1. Suits
  3. 2. Kurtis
  5. 3. Indo-Western apparel
  7. 4.Anarkalis
  9. 5. Gowns
  11. 6. Unstitched Suits
  13. 7. Shararas
  15. 8.Semi-Stitched
  17. 9. Lehengas
  19. 10. Cotton suits

If you want to experience the best of women’s ethnic wear online, Kanchan Fashion is just the right place. Whether it is a wedding, an engagement party, a cocktail party, a festive occasion, a college fresher's party, a formal meeting, a job interview, or a social gathering, Kanchan Fashion online store has the latest collection of the best women’s apparels and other essential ladies wear that is a perfect fit for every occasion. You can purchase our products from our online store that can be delivered to you right at your doorstep. Enhance the online shopping of women’s clothing experience as we at Kanchan Fashion have the best women’s clothing online. Whether you want to buy Indo-western suits, Lehengas, Kurtis, Anarkalis, Gowns, Unstitched suits, Cotton suits, Shararas or Semi-stitched suits, Kanchan Fashion online store is just the right destination. You can browse through our New arrivals, Suit Of The Week, the best sellers and what has been trending on our website. 


Suit Of The Week

Kanchan Fashion has a vast collection of Indian fashion wear featuring varied designs, colors and styles because of which online shopping for women’s clothing has got smoother than ever before. That is where the suit of the week comes in. It is a weekly series started by Kanchan Fashion displaying the trendiest suit on our website during the week. It filters out the most demanded suit for our customers to ease them in making better choices.


Shopping Ethnic Wear for Women Online

Online shopping definitely saves time and effort when it comes to shopping for ethnic wear for women online. is a platform that provides you the facility to browse through the latest Indian fashion designs for women while enjoying the experience. Ethnic shopping in India has never been easier.

The website is designed to satisfy your needs and is user-friendly. The categories offered by us are distinct and carefully chosen. You can live through the experience of shopping ethnic wear at ease by shopping online with Our goal is for you to love what you wear from and for you to be satisfied


Free Delivery For Ethnic Wear for Women Online provides FREE DELIVERY on every order you place to make your experience of shopping with us smoother. We are a one-stop online destination for shopping of Indian fashion for women.


Cash on Delivery Available for Ethnic Wear for Women provides flexibility in the payment option by providing the option of Cash on Delivery (C.O.D) during the checkout process to ease things for our customers.


Common FAQs

Q1. Where are we situated?

First floor, Shop No, 773, Nai Sarak, Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi-110006.

Q2. how much will shipping cost?

Kanchan Fashion provides FREE SHIPPING.

Q3. When does the new stock come in?

New stock is added on the website every week.

Q4 where all do you deliver?

All over India.

Q5. Is delivery free on all products?

Absolutely, FREE DELIVERY is available on all products.Text

Q6. What are our social media handles?

Q7: What is the difference between semi-stitched and unstitched?

The difference between the two is

  1. 1.Semi-stitched suits are half stitched suits in which styles have predefined sleeve length, sleeve style, dress length, neck styles and neck depths. In these suits side seams are left open.
  2. 2.Unstitched suits are suits which will have to be stitched completely.

Q8: What is the meaning of Semi-stitched Salwar Kameez?

Semi-stitched suits are half stitched suits in which styles have predefined sleeve length,sleeve style, dress length,neck styles and neck depths. In these suits side seams are left open. The bottom of the semi stitched Salwar Kameez comes as a fabric.

Q9: What is the meaning of Semi-stitched Lehenga Choli?

They are half stitched lehenga choli which have lehenga style,neck styles, sleeve length,sleeve style, neck depths and outfit length. In these types of suits, side seams are left open.

Q10.What is the meaning of Semi-stitched Blouse?

They are half stitched blouses in which styles have predetermined sleeve length, dress length, sleeve style, neck depths and neck styles. In these types of suits, side seams are left open.

Q11 What is ethnic wear for women in india?

The ethnic wear is a symbol of strength and inner beauty in India.It covers all the Indian traditional categories of clothing worn by Indian women that symbolise their culture. It includes Sarees, Salwars Kameez, Lehengas and Designer Kurtis for women.Ethnic wear for women ranges from a single piece to a whole ensemble of items that identify an individual with a specific ethnic group. With our large selection of styles -everything from contemporary to casual, traditional - we are sure you will find the perfect design for yourself. A suit that reflects your personality and complements your good taste.Garments and accessories for ethnic dress are fashioned from a wide variety of materials, often hand-made. 

Q12 Why Is ethnic wear for women Important?

  1. 1. It gives Indian women a distinct and unique personality that’s their very own.
  2. 2. It carries with it and helps stay alive the cultural values, history and centuries-old tradition of India.
  3. 3. The grace,overall look and feel of ethnic wear for women outshines western wear on any occasion especially during festivities and celebrations
  4. 4. They keep us grounded and attached to our roots which is essential for any culture.


Q13.What is an Anarkali suit?

Anarkali dresses or Anarkali suits, also known as Anarkali salwar kameez are the renditions of the extremely popular Kalidar Salwaar Kameez of the 1960s.Today, Anarkali Salwaar Kameez suits have become a staple for the ethnic divas and Bollywood celebrities who are often seen donning this outfit at various events and celebrations. The association of the Anarkali dress with the royal courtesan “Anarkali”, portrayed by Madhubala, who became famous because of her relationship with the Crown prince, lent this dress a charm that is symbolic of royalty and gracefulness.

Essentially, an Anarkali Salwaar Kameez consists of three important separates:

1. The shirt (Anarkali Kameez)

2. The bottom (Anarkali Salwaar)

3. The stole (dupatta)

The Anarkali Kameez: The Anarkali Kameez is a long gown (sometimes until floor-length) top, fitted on the top and flared like a frock as you go down. The bottom part is usually made of trapezoid panels of cloth (known as Kali, hence the name Kalidar), starting from the waist and these panels give flare to the shirt.The bottoms are usually tight, fitted at the waist with the help of drawstrings and gathered at the calves and above the ankles in multiple pleats, also known as churis.The stole or the dupatta is a matching loose piece of cloth which can be styled in many ways and completes the traditional look of the suit.Gorgeous Anarkali suits online in flawless hand embroidery and in the most soothing colour combinations. The prints, design, style and cuts reveal a distinct pattern which is something unique and cannot be found at any other traditional Indian clothing store for women in India. We have showcased some of our beautiful Anarkali salwar kameez designs in the form of classic Indian salwar suits that are done on the best quality fabric material. Summers or winters, our designer Anarkali suits are the perfect attire for every occasion, be it a party, festival or wedding.


Q14. What is an Indo-Western Suit?

Pair your desi side with a combination of Western designs with Indo-dresses. The amalgamation of the two different styles bring out the unique qualities in both, creating a new look. You can carry this elegant dress style on all sorts of occasions. With Kanchan Fashion, there’s no limitation to Indo-Western garment varieties. The result is absolutely outstanding. It showcases the elegance of the style factor and the traditional designs from the Western dresses.

Q15. What is the beauty of Indo-Western Suits?

The beauty is the freshness of the Indo-Western clothes designs. It is a trending style. If you’ve always loved exploring different styles and looks,you can easily do so with the Indo-Western suits. The best part of shopping with Kanchan Fashion is their wide variety. It is the combination of the two in one,Western and Indian dresses. With this, you have chic Western dresses with traditional Indian patterns and prints. This style is perfect for you,if you prefer short dresses. You can stay modern while carrying an authentic and elegant look. You can have a fine balance with your Western and Indian sides. With Kanchan Fashion you can find Indowestern categories in A-line, Fit and flare, high-low, and gathered styles.

There is a large variety with the Western-style combined with the traditional prints. There are maxi dresses and gowns that are of full length. These suits look elegant and authentic with a fine pinch of Western twist. You can purchase Indo-Western dresses with beautiful embroidery in it. They give a roya lookl and are perfect for festive and grand occasions. IndoWestern suits often look lovely with jhumkas.Pair them up and you are good to go. You also have traditional Indian outfits like salwar suits and kurtis designed with attractive Western prints. It brings forth a whole new look. There exist styles where the kurti fabric with a high low dress type styling and is decorated with fancy patterns. Pair the indo-western suit with leggings of the most suitable color according to you and you have yourself a fashionable attire.

At Kanchan Fashion,even our traditional lehengas are taken for a Western spin. You can purchase these Indo-Western suits online from us in semi stitched forms. This is an ideal solution,as you can get it perfectly tailored to your size without any hassle or problem.

Q.16 What are the latest Indo-Western trends and designs?

Every single day, new styles in Western dresses and in Indian garments are introduced.Thus there are several elegant combinations made by combining the two unique styles. Each has its individual skill or expertise used to create fresh Indo-Western styles according to your likings. Top designers today are mix-matching these new styles and there is no lack of it at Kanchan Fashion. You can be the first of your circle to mark a bold style statement with your Indo-Western attire.

Q17. Are Indo-Western Suits perfect for every occasion?

You can buy Indo-Western dresses for absolutely any occasion. If you have a fancy party to attend you can do for a gorgeous Indo-Western salwar suit. An Indo-Western dress is perfect for work or even a casual day out. A kurti of the Indo-Western style paired with pretty earrings and comfortable flats is an attire you can put together in minutes. And of course, you cannot go wrong with the splendid Indo-Western lehenga for the wedding or festival you were looking forward to.

Q18. What is a Lehenga Choli?

​​When it comes to festivities and weddings,Lehenga Choli is the most popular attire. It is a triumph of skilled craftsmanship and fabric. In north and west India,they are also known as Ghagra Cholis. Ghagra Choli comprises a choli that leaves the midriff bare and dupatta and a long skirt. The designs of lehengas Cholis range from traditional to contemporary. The Circular Lehenga is traditional and voluminous.It is also considered a bridal favorite. The form hugging Mermaid Lehenga is a Go to Choice by many bridesmaids due to its youthful appeal. Indo Western Lehenga is also high in popularity. Indo western lehenga is replaced by a long jacket with or without a centre slit giving it a chic urbane look.

Kanchan Fashion provides the latest collection of Lehengas.Our lehengas may include work like Zari work, Gota Patti, Resham, Sequins, Cutdana or splashed with Prints.

Q19. What are the different type of Lehengas?

Different types of lehengas are:-

  1. 1. A-line Lehenga

These Lehengas always look beautiful on your special day. A-line hem lehenga flares out at the bottom and is tighter at the hem.

  1. 2. Flared Lehenga

Flared lehenga, which is also known as circular lehenga is a very popular style. A Circular lehenga includes broad flares and gives the sense of forming a complete circle. Circular lehengas come as the best choice,if you wish your wedding lehenga to be heavy.

  1. 3. Fish Cut Lehenga

Fish cut lehengas,also known as mermaid lehengas comprises of a fishtail shaped bottom with flares along with a fitted waist. These lehengas are tight around the knees. Mermaid lehengas are ideal for modern brides, who wish to look classic yet elegant. These lehengas are also great for wearing at different occasions.

  1. 4. Sharara Lehenga

Sharara lehenga bears a strong resemblance to a lehenga, but is a kurti worn with wide legged trousers or a palazzo. From the middle of the hem similar to a palazzo sharara lehengas are stitched  

  1. 5. Panelled Lehenga

Panelled lehengas include several panels attached together. A contrasting set of fabrics are used, which gives it a colorful and beautiful look. Panelled lehengas bear resemblance to a petticoat with flared bottom.

6. Lehenga Kameez or Lehenga with Jacket

Lehenga Kameez is flary and simple with a long jacket. The hem of the lehengas kameez is visible through the jacket, lehenga kameez have broad laces or heavy work.

  1. 7. Straight Cut Lehenga

Straight cut lehengas have a straight skirt,which doesn’t flare out like the regular lehengas. This is one of the most versatile options. It goes brilliantly well with all body types.

  1. 8. Half Saree Lehenga

Half saree Lehenga is a low flare A-line lehenga,where one drapes the dupatta with the lehenga

9. Asymmetric Ghagra Choli

Asymmetric Ghagra Choli is one of the latest styles of lehengas. These don't have specific panels or hemlines. They include clinging drapes and pre-stitched drapes attached to the waist line panel.




No matter how much we adore wearing and flaunting western clothing, we have a particular place in our hearts for ethnic Indian clothing. The vivid hues, beautiful embroidery, and luxurious materials of these exquisite garments melt our hearts. They are an important component of our daily attire, and we hold them in such high regard that we do not mind keeping them for generations.

Before including the most recent trends in ethnic fashion wear in your collection, you must comprehend what constitutes ethnic Indian wear.

In accordance with the concept, ethnic clothing refers to the tops, bottoms, skirts, and other garments that originated in India and are often worn there. Although this dress design has withstood the test of time, it has undergone certain alterations to stay appealing to contemporary Indian ladies.

If you like wearing ethnic clothing but are unsure of what would look best on you, we recommend having a few wardrobe essentials that will meet all your occasion-specific demands. These expertly selected items will take you from the office to parties, festive events, and even your best friend's wedding. You just need to mix and match these trendy staples with care to create a style that is uniquely yours. The following list complies with 2022 fashion trends, so you can rest easy after you've added these items to your collection.

1. Fashionable Foil Print Kurta

Those who dislike garish patterns love foil print kurtas since they are lightweight, fashionable, and classic. A fashionable kurta with foil design may be worn to a variety of events, such as a family celebration or a friend's wedding. To seem attractive, just pair these modern kurtas with matching bottoms and dupattas.

2. Fashionable Tunic

If you like ethnic wear for women with a twist or adore Indo-Western design trends, you should own a basic modern tunic. You may always choose a draped yoke, a cowl hemline, or even experiment with various colours and patterns to look amazing.

3. Ethnic Crop Top

You may pair ethnic crop tops, which are often crafted from luxurious materials such as silks, brocades, and velvets, with a wide variety of bottoms. These may also be worn with a saree to create an unforgettable effect. When coupled with ethnic maxi skirts or pants, crop tops appear really attractive.

4. Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts have been an integral feature of Indian dress for millennia.The finest aspect of these skirts is that they provide limitless style options. You may pair them with kurtis, cotton tops, or even slogan t-shirts, and you will always look fantastic.

5. Patterned Kurti

Next in line is a patterned kurti, a wardrobe must for any lady. This item of clothing is so adaptable that it may be worn to work, informal festivities, and even formal events. Simply pair your kurti with coordinating bottoms and accessories as necessary to be amazing.

6. Soft and Colourful dupatta

Include in your collection of ethnic clothing some gorgeous, colourful, patterned or plain dupattas that are ideal for pairing with kurtis, tunics, crop tops, and maxi skirts. The appropriate kind of dupatta may change a drab, uninteresting costume into a brand-new, fashionable one. You only need to choose a colour or pattern that compliments your outfit.

7. Silk Cigarette Pants

Silk cigarette pants are a must-have for everyone as one of the most fashionable women's clothing items. You may pair them with tunics, kurtas, crop tops, and so on, since they look equally fashionable with anything.

8. Palazzo Pants

If you want to master the latest women's fashion trends, palazzo pants are a wardrobe need. In addition to being trendy and comfortable, palazzos complement both ethnic and western attire. Complete your casual style with stylish tunics, kurti, or tees by pairing them with them.

9. Present-day Dhoti Pants

As one of the most recent online fashion trends, dhoti pants have quietly found their way into the closets of all fashionistas. With a style that is both functional and aesthetically attractive, dhoti trousers may be paired with a variety of tops and kurtis. You may experiment with numerous top styles that compliment your dhoti pants and join the fashion parade of trend setters.

10. Accessories that Complement Every Outfit

When it comes to accessories, you should always have oxidised jewellery that may be worn with your ethnic clothing. You also carry gold, silver, and pearl earrings, cuffs, mangtika, and necklaces for your party attire.

How to online shop for the latest fashion trends

Simply visit, see the most recent runway trends, and purchase the finest women's ethnic apparel.