Why is a dress called Anarkali?

Why is a dress called Anarkali? Types of Anarkalis

Outline of the Article

  1. Introduction to Anarkali Dresses
  2. Historical Origins of the Anarkali Dress
    • The Legend of Anarkali
    • Mughal Influence
  3. Characteristics of Anarkali Dresses
    • Silhouette and Design
    • Fabrics and Embellishments
  4. Types of Anarkali Dresses
    • Floor-Length Anarkalis
    • Anarkali Gowns
    • Jacket Style Anarkalis
  5. Popular Variations and Styles
    • Traditional vs. Contemporary Anarkalis
    • Regional Variations
  6. Anarkalis in Modern Fashion
    • Celebrity Endorsement
    • Redefining Occasion Wear
  7. Choosing the Right Anarkali
    • Body Type Considerations
    • Occasion and Styling Tips
  8. Anarkalis Across Cultures
    • Global Popularity
    • Fusion and Adaptations
  9. Conclusion

Why is a dress called Anarkali? Types of Anarkalis

Introduction to Anarkali Dresses

Anarkali dresses, known for their graceful flow and intricate designs, have captivated fashion enthusiasts worldwide. These iconic garments trace their roots to a fascinating history and boast diverse styles that cater to various tastes and occasions.

Historical Origins of the Anarkali Dress

The Legend of Anarkali

The name "Anarkali" derives from a legendary figure in the Mughal era. The tale of Anarkali, a dancer and courtesan, became synonymous with romance and tragedy, influencing the dress's naming.

Mughal Influence

The Mughal empire's opulence and grandeur significantly impacted fashion, leading to the creation of the Anarkali dress. Its origins can be traced to the royal courts, where it gained popularity for its elegance and timeless appeal.

Characteristics of Anarkali Dresses

The hallmark of Anarkali dresses lies in their flowing silhouette, characterized by a fitted bodice and flared skirt. These dresses often feature intricate embroideries, delicate embellishments, and rich fabrics, adding to their allure.

Types of Anarkali Dresses

Floor-Length Anarkalis

These classic variants feature long, flowing skirts that exude a traditional charm. They are favored for formal events and weddings, offering an elegant and regal appearance.

Anarkali Gowns

Modern interpretations blend the traditional silhouette with contemporary design elements, creating glamorous floor-length gowns suitable for red carpet events and upscale gatherings.

Jacket Style Anarkalis

A fusion of traditional and modern aesthetics, jacket-style Anarkalis incorporate a layered look, often adorned with embroidered jackets or capes, making a bold style statement.

Popular Variations and Styles

Anarkali dresses have evolved over time, offering a spectrum of styles. Traditional Anarkalis showcase intricate patterns and classic designs, while contemporary variations experiment with cuts, colors, and embellishments.

Anarkalis in Modern Fashion

Celebrity Endorsement

Renowned personalities and celebrities have popularized Anarkali dresses by donning them at prestigious events and in movies, amplifying their appeal among fashion enthusiasts.

Redefining Occasion Wear

Anarkalis have transcended traditional boundaries, becoming a symbol of versatile occasion wear, suitable for formal events, festive celebrations, and everyday elegance.

Choosing the Right Anarkali

Selecting the perfect Anarkali involves considering body type, occasion, and styling preferences. Tailoring the dress to one's physique and accessorizing thoughtfully can enhance its overall impact.

Anarkalis Across Cultures

Global Popularity

The allure of Anarkali dresses extends beyond borders, captivating fashion enthusiasts worldwide and finding favor among global designers and fashion enthusiasts.

Fusion and Adaptations

Different cultures have embraced Anarkali dresses, incorporating them into their attire with unique adaptations and styling, showcasing the garment's versatility.


The Anarkali dress, with its rich history, diverse styles, and timeless appeal, continues to enthrall fashion aficionados globally. Its ability to blend tradition with modernity ensures its enduring popularity in the ever-evolving world of fashion.


1. Are Anarkali dresses suitable for all body types? Anarkali dresses can complement various body types when tailored appropriately. A-line silhouettes work well for most figures.

2. Can Anarkali dresses be worn for casual occasions? Yes, shorter Anarkali dresses or those with simpler designs can be styled for casual events or gatherings.

3. What accessories complement Anarkali dresses? Statement earrings, bangles, and embellished clutches complement Anarkali dresses elegantly.

4. Are Anarkali dresses only for women? Traditionally, Anarkali dresses are designed for women; however, contemporary fashion has seen adaptations for men as well.

5. How can one maintain Anarkali dresses? Dry cleaning or gentle hand washing is recommended for preserving the fabric and embellishments of Anarkali dresses

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